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The final debate

"The final debate" Continued...

One of Romney’s strongest moments was when Obama said that the Romney campaign had lied about his traveling around doing an “apology tour.” 

“Mr. President, the reason I call it an apology tour is because you went to the Middle East and you flew to Egypt and to Saudi Arabia and to Turkey and Iraq,” Romney said. “And by the way, you skipped Israel, our closest friend in the region, but you went to the other nations. … And then in those nations, and on Arabic TV, you said that America had been dismissive and derisive. You said that on occasion America had dictated to other nations. Mr. President, America has not dictated to other nations. We have freed other nations from dictators.” 

Maybe voters don’t care about the events in the Middle East much. A Google Politics survey showed that registered voters who planned to watch the debate wanted the candidates to talk about U.S. debt to China over and above every other international issue, even U.S./Israel relations, by a wide margin. The candidates didn’t discuss that issue. And to add to the distraction, the debate had to compete with Monday Night Football and Game 7 of the National League Championship Series. 

Which candidate do you think won Monday’s final presidential debate? Let us know in our online poll.

Emily Belz
Emily Belz

Emily, who has covered everything from political infighting to pet salons for The Indianapolis Star, The Hill, and the New York Daily News, reports for WORLD Magazine from New York City. Follow Emily on Twitter @emlybelz.


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