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Issue: "Inside Election 2012," Oct. 20, 2012

Garage girls

Just across from the Pep Boys on Southeast Military Drive in San Antonio, a bunch of girls are doing what many would consider a man’s job. But that doesn’t intimidate the manager of Treds Tire and Wheel. Though just 19, Andrea Rodriguez says her all-girl employees at the tire shop and auto garage can do anything those Pep Boys across the street do—except they do it with a pink car jack and polka-dotted tools. And so far, the all-girl garage seems to be working. Rodriguez’s mother bought the property, which had hosted a number of failed tire shop ventures, earlier this year and hired her daughter to put together a crack squad of female mechanics. According to Rodriguez, business is good. “We are definitely going to get the job done right,” she told KSAT-TV. “Just because we are girls doesn’t mean we don’t know anything. We definitely know.”

Stolen treasure

The Renoir painting that a Virginia woman bought for $7 at a West Virginia flea market (see “Buried treasure,” Oct. 6, 2012) may be a hot item in more ways than one. A reporter for The Washington Post found evidence in late September that the painting, now worth tens of thousands of dollars, was stolen in 1951 from the Baltimore Museum of Art. Baltimore police then found a 1951 theft report from the museum for an artwork that matches the description of the painting. The auction house that had planned to sell the painting on Sept. 29 has put the sale on hold. “As this unfolds, we’ll find out more about the ownership of the painting,” said Doreen Bolger of the museum. “If the painting is ours, we would be pleased to have it on view.”


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