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Issue: "Race to the finish," Nov. 3, 2012

‘The ultimate hybrid’

Sept. 22 Each time my family receives a new issue, I try to read it right away. I even hide it from my parents until I finish it. And thank you for your article on homeschooling co-ops.
—Robert Cathcart (13), Laurens, S.C.

‘Fatal decisions’

Sept. 8 Some questions regarding the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is intended to control Medicare costs: Would in-utero testing be mandatory? How many treatments for “defective” unborn children would not be covered? Would abortion be an acceptable treatment? Would there be a cut-off age for treatment? Would assisted suicide be an acceptable treatment?
—Pat Neff, Holtwood, Pa.

‘Doubting Thomas’

Sept. 8 Perhaps Jefferson was like some politicians of our day who claim to be Christian but whose words and deeds give us reason to wonder. I believe David Barton is trying to balance the historical record distorted by those who deny that most of our Founding Fathers were mostly orthodox in Christian beliefs and not Deists.
—Albert Browne, Martinsburg, W.Va.

‘He meant what he said’

Aug. 25  I appreciate your magazine, but to imply that President Obama doesn’t believe in individual effort and ingenuity is just political bias. Our culture often is too individualistic, and it shows up in the church. Can’t you just admit that every now and then Obama may have something good to say?
—Fred Miller, Dillsburg, Pa.

When I finish reading Time I often want to wring my hands in despair, move to a compound in Montana, buy lots of guns, and wait for the Apocalypse. When I read WORLD, I sigh deeply; God is still on His throne and good people are still doing good things, whether in politics, education, or medicine.
—Brenda Phillips, Madison, Wis.


At its convention last month the Democratic Party removed from its 2012 platform the statement, “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel,” but on Sept. 5 restored it (“A radical Democratic platform,” Sept. 22, p. 12).

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