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Issue: "Inside Election 2012," Oct. 20, 2012

‘Into exile’

Aug. 25  America’s loss is Singapore’s gain. Still, how very sad that American college students will miss the blessing of learning from Bob Woodberry, a humble servant of God.
—Debbie Williamson, Corpus Christi, Texas

‘Good deeds punished’

Aug. 25  The recent witch hunt against University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus reflects the core of modern-day liberalism: “I am proud of myself for being tolerant of all beliefs and opinions, provided they aren’t offensive to me.” Everyone is intolerant to a degree; at least conservatives like me don’t bother making the hypocritical claim to be otherwise.
—Casey M. Campbell, San Antonio, Texas

‘Miracle surgery’

Aug. 11  I wept as I read how one baby died after being separated from her conjoined twin in a mission hospital in India. As a nurse for 35 years, I have seen lots of death and empathized with those in the depths of darkness, grieving when their child dies. I lost my 23-year-old daughter 45 weeks ago. I also had believed that she was on the path of healing, and then she was gone. For me it has been more difficult knowing that God is in control yet restrained His hand, than it would be to think a death was just due to fate. Yet He is the Almighty who holds the universe together.
—Deborah J. Halligan, Sacramento, Calif.

‘The Mormon challenge’

July 14  I sympathize with those Christians who don’t want to vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. However, when one compares Romney’s character, competence, and truthfulness with the race-hatred of Obama’s longtime church and the two-facedness of his politics, it brings to mind that saying: “It’s better to be ruled by an honest Turk than by a corrupt Christian.”
—Philip E. Isett, Edmond, Okla.


Journalist Tiffany Jothen wrote ‘Non-Republican Republican’ (Sept. 22, p. 18).

James Watson is the man in the photo on p. 36 of the Oct. 6 issue (‘Debunking junk’).


Beth Darst of Cary, N.C., believes homeschooling cooperatives benefit homeschooling families (‘The ultimate hybrid,’ Sept. 22, p. 54).

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