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Issue: "Inside Election 2012," Oct. 20, 2012

‘Surviving by serving’

Sept. 8  Little in your coverage of Syria points to the many Christians serving in the Syrian National Council or the clear statements by SNC leaders lined up for the transition that show their commitment to human rights. Instead, you quote those arguing that the SNC and opposition are dominated by militant Islamists. Very little evidence supports this view. Instead of suicide bombings, we find defected military officers and civilians who took up arms to defend themselves. In refusing to arm the opposition, U.S. officials have cited “fear of something worse,” yet what can be worse than a regime that denies medical treatment to the sick and wounded, attacks its own citizens, and threatens the use of chemical weapons?
—John Balouziyeh, Saudi Arabia

‘Fatal decisions’

Sept. 8  Regarding giving the federal government more responsibility regarding “death panels,” I agree that “enough is enough.” The federal government has done a poor job managing the responsibility it already has.
—Doug Bell, Atlanta, Ga.

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Joel Belz asks, “Who makes those hard decisions about end of life care?” We are spending ourselves into oblivion and much of our unfunded spending goes to keep sick baby boomers alive. How do we support the ideal of “sanctity of life” and yet return the country to fiscal responsibility?
—Dave R. Hagstrom, Billings, Mont.

‘Literary bondage’

Sept. 8  Kudos to Janie B. Cheaney. There has been a lot of chatter about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy among women, from the gym to our women’s Bible study. That soft porn novels with explicit sex and sadomasochism should be wildly popular leads to heartbreaking conclusions about where women are today.
—Cindy Fletcher, Savannah, Ga.

The day after reading this column I heard several female co-workers, including a couple of Christians, gleefully discuss reading or starting to read these books. It’s troubling to see fellow believers openly sliding into the coarsening and declining mores of our culture.
—Al Cadwell, Raleigh, N.C.

I agree with you about Fifty Shades of Grey, but fanfiction isn’t just writers writing themselves into their favorite shows and movies. Some do, but most of us just want to create more of a world that we love.
—Katalin H. Korossy, Kensington, Md.


Sept. 8  Regarding the cartoon comparing a prospective welder going to trade school with a liberal arts student: How long before we migrate to a system of trade schools and certifications? In college I learned software engineering to make a living but also spent thousands of dollars taking French, chemistry, and astronomy, and what I remember from those classes I had already learned in high school.
—Jeremy A. Freed, Gridley, Ill.

‘Metaphysically deceived’

Sept. 8  I could relate to this column about plentitude and Helen Gurley Brown. Born in 1956, I too bought into her message of sexual freedom and career. But after giving birth to my first child 27 years ago I thought, “The women’s movement has been holding out on me. These little guys are pretty great.” I have six more—the youngest, with Down syndrome, is 11—and every one is a blessing beyond description.
—Johanna Storm, Arlington, Texas

‘Psychology today’

Sept. 8  Great column. The point about depression ultimately serving to illuminate believers is well made. Naturally, due to the aftereffects of the Fall, our biological machinery may be damaged and in need of correction, but often powerful ideas affect our souls. God uses these to draw out and destroy our own hubris and increase our awareness of our need for Christ.
—Sam Roberts, Shalimar, Fla.

‘School choice surge’

Aug. 25  My main complaint is that Illinois doesn’t have a voucher system. At times money can be tight at my house. Why should my family not be helped just because we choose to go to a Christian school? We need a better system than the one we have now, and the voucher system is a step in the right direction.
—Nicolette Thompson, Chicago, Ill.

‘Hope Springs’

Aug. 25  I agree that the subject matter should have earned the movie an R rating, but I applaud the producers for attempting a movie on such a delicate subject, sexual intimacy, that plagues so many marriages today. This was done as tastefully as it could have been and opens the door for couples to communicate—if you can get the men to watch it.
—Catherine Sabin, Mansfield, Texas

‘Phil’s testament’

Aug. 25  Thank you for the article on Phil Keaggy. God brought me, a rebellious teen, in contact with Keaggy while he was with The Glass Harp band at JB’s Bar in Kent, Ohio. After his conversion, he sang about Jesus Christ. His music spoke to my heart and many others. I became a Christian in 1972. When Phil plays in our area, I am there.
—Mike Brill, Aurora, Neb.


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