Spotlight on Charlotte

"Spotlight on Charlotte" Continued...

Issue: "Dead heat," Sept. 22, 2012

The federally funded C.W. Williams Community Health Center serves the most diverse clientele-uninsured, Medicaid/Medicare clients, underinsured, insured, homeless, and undocumented immigrants. CEO Beverly A. Irby says, "We see everybody who comes through our doors. If you are undocumented, there is no fear that you can't come here. We make it easy and comfortable." Irby since 2007 has probably seen a 30% increase in applications for the sliding scale program, as people in the working middle class have become new additions to the uninsured. Her center joins others in focusing on prevention, disease management, and education, and in creating a circle of care with local hospitals.

Christina Darnell
Christina Darnell


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