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Issue: "Reassessing the genome," Oct. 6, 2012

Buried treasure

Two years ago, a Virginia woman crossed the border into West Virginia, visited a flea market on Route 340, and spent $7 on a box of items with a Paul Bunyan statue sticking out. She didn't think much of a green and pink painting in the box—until she uncovered the back of the frame to see the word "RENOIR" written there. Now, two years later, an Alexandria, Va., auction house is helping the anonymous woman to sell that work of art, considered to be an original painting by French impressionist master Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Bidding on Sept. 29 will start at $100,000. Reports did not indicate whether the woman planned to share any profits with the unwitting flea market.


What would Oktoberfest be like without beer? Residents of Munich may find out this year. Event organizers have plenty of beer for the 16-day fair, but a sharp increase of consumption during the warm summer left them short on bottles. Brewery manager Heiner Mueller told local newspaper Munich AZ that he is pleading with the community to return empty bottles so that Oktoberfest patrons don't run dry: "Dear Munichers—bring back your crates. We need our empties."


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