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Issue: "Reassessing the genome," Oct. 6, 2012

‘The David Barton controversy’

Aug. 25  I too have checked source material and agree with Glenn Moots that Jefferson was not even close to being an orthodox, creedal Christian. However, Jefferson’s actions in favor of churches and missionaries often contradicted his non-Christian words. I am not impressed with the sniping of those criticizing Barton’s Jefferson.
—Clif Springer, Clarksdale, Miss. 

I commend WORLD for a balanced piece about David Barton. I think that he is generally truthful but perhaps guilty of exaggeration of certain points. His critics focus upon the details but not on his main arguments, and Barton does qualify many of his statements. He has done a great service in presenting Jefferson as a great American and someone who should be emulated. 
—William A. Carlson, Lincoln, Calif.

‘Of things and men’

Aug. 11  Excellent column. I work in a large corporate bank and company management is like a parallel world to government. A tangle of rules, processes, controls, and administration by the “experts” have dramatically decreased productivity and thoroughly demoralized employees just trying to do their jobs. Thankfully, our company genuinely seeks employee feedback. I intend to forward this column.
—Darin Tosse, Rochester, Minn.

‘Out of Darkness’

July 28  When you review movies with defiling content you should provide complete and descriptive warnings. Park near a theater some afternoon and watch the stream of wide-eyed adolescents pouring into movies that “would have made a sailor blush” 60 years ago. The shepherd king of Israel, the divinely declared “man after God’s heart,” said it simply and succinctly: “Blessed are the undefiled.”
—Robert E. Carpenter, Kerrville, Texas

2012 Books Issue

July 14  Now that I own a Kindle, WORLD’s book issue is quite dangerous for my bank account! And every time I search on for a book you suggest, the list labeled “Customers who bought this item also bought” includes numerous other books you’ve recommended. Thank you for your continued excellent recommendations.
—Amy Medina, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Christians make up about 10 percent of the entire population of Syria (“Surviving by serving,” Sept. 8, p. 37).

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