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Issue: "Dead heat," Sept. 22, 2012

'Stay-at-home blues?'

Aug. 11 As a stay-at-home mom of two children under 5, I was surprised that your article seemed to question the results of the Gallup poll, which showed SAHMs are more likely to be depressed than working mothers. I don't question the results; we should instead question the self-focused mindset of women in our culture and even in the church. Motherhood for a believer is a process of dying to self through putting another being's needs before your own, delaying gratification even for years, and ultimately trusting God. Is it any wonder that SAHMs can easily struggle with depression, especially those who genuinely wish to parent well?
—Larissa Green, Plevna, Kan.

'Sell it in a bottle'

Aug. 11 I believe that changing our culture cannot start successfully with better education of our high-school and college young people. It has to start back in the home and family in the first year of the child. For the most part our children are growing up without the spiritual foundation and convictions that they need to cope with their peers and the pressures of the world.
—Willis Ragland, Tucson, Ariz.

'The sweetness of God's goodness'

Aug. 11 Thank you for a very well-written column on the delights of biblical marriage and ultimately the divine wedding to come. I thank God that my wife and I have been married for 23 years and we are in constant need of truth that overcomes tough times and deceptive hearts. This column is a great reminder that nothing compares to the heavenly gift of a godly wife. May we love with the fire of Baxter and Edwards.
—Mark Shaeffer, Bangor, Pa.

'Outside the camp'

July 28 Following the revolution, Egypt's roughly 8 million Coptic Christians are arguably as vulnerable as they've ever been. I have been to garbage cities described in the article and talked with the people living on mere scraps just miles outside of Cairo. Many of Egypt's Copts were already on the fringes of society, and now with the recent political ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood and various Islamists elements, their future, in a land they have inhabited for centuries, is even more in question. I am appalled and deeply concerned that despite the strategic imperative and the moral obligation to act, this State Department and this administration seem unable or unwilling to address this issue with the urgency it demands.
—Hon. Frank Wolf, Member of Congress, Herndon, Va.

'Niche nook'

July 14 The first thing I look at when WORLD arrives is the book review section. This is where I learned of Charles Todd, author of wonderful mysteries set just after World War I. On the other hand, I found the recently reviewed What's That Funny Look on Your Faith? to be crass and disrespectful to God's Word. I returned it.
—Carole Hutchings, Rathdrum, Idaho

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