Chinese multiplication

"Chinese multiplication" Continued...

Issue: "Dead heat," Sept. 22, 2012

According to Christian Aid, a total of 60,000 trained pastors and 90,000 house churches have come out of the 155 Bible institutes and missionary training centers the Suns have either supported or established themselves. Leaders and workers of the ministries and schools are all local Christians, and do not work directly with Westerners. While in the previous decades missionaries to China have come from the West, now missionaries are being trained and sent out from China."The Chinese indigenous Christians are already mature and raised up under 62 years of persecution," Chang said. "Now they carry the cross."

Christian Aid's Bray said that while Sun was alive, the danger was so great that before every trip back to China, Sun would say "Well, this may be the last time I see you, I may be caught on this trip."

The work will continue within the network of ministries that the Suns have built. Chang said she will continue making trips to visit the Bible schools. The focus now is on adding to the depth of the existing Bible schools rather than expanding the number of schools. She hopes to add more advanced theological classes that reach the seminary level.

Still, Chang believes their work is only one part of a larger picture: "We are just [messengers], we give all the love, prayer, financial help from throughout all the world … we just pass them to the right ministry," Chang said. "We can't take credit for what the indigenous people have done for the Lord, we did it together."

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

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