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Issue: "Syria's pain," Sept. 8, 2012

-Sally Foisey, Blair, Neb.

Looking Ahead

July 28 President Obama certainly is dialing back the wattage of star power for his 51st birthday celebration-he's even giving us ordinary folk a chance to celebrate with him. For a mere $3 donation to his campaign, "you'll be automatically entered to join me for my birthday in Chicago." I joined his mailing list and the solicitations have been very entertaining.
-Gerri Hawes, Allen, Texas

'The organization man'

July 28 Maybe I'm connecting the wrong dots, but it sounds like Chief Justice John Roberts made a political decision in the Obamacare case to make the Supreme Court a less politically charged institution. But was the attempt politically correct, or incorrectly political?
-Mark Anderson, Wilmington, N.C.

'Innocence IDed'

July 28 Jurors also need to improve their game and not be intimated by prosecutors, judges, or other jurors. They must base their vote on hard evidence. Have we forgotten that we start with the presumption of innocence?
-Larry Marsh, Colton, Ore.

'Identity kept'

July 28 Regarding the controversy over a recent SBC resolution, some have misconstrued the remarks of Pastor David Platt, who is also head of our parachurch ministry, Radical. He does not advocate throwing out the "Sinner's Prayer" but has expressed concern over authentic conversion. He also voted in favor of the resolution that declared the prayer a "biblical expression of faith."
-Angelia Stewart, Radical, Birmingham, Ala.

Books issue

July 14 As a fourth-grade teacher, I encourage my students to read, read, and read during their summers. I try to do the same. How wonderful to see your regular reading recommendations. From them I purchased We the People, Gospel Powered Humility, and The Intolerance of Tolerance. Also I found your Randy Alcorn recommendations to be pure gold. All in all, I have found a delightful month of reading.
-Patrick Davis, Sacramento, Calif.

Being constantly bombarded with bad news, worrisome news, and prospects of a disastrous future, it's refreshing to read in WORLD of the many excellent and good things that are going on in the world. Your articles give hope for the future that, after all, not all is lost.
-Roger A. Faber, Westminster, Colo.


The NAE received $1 million from the National Campaign for the Prevention of Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy; Proverbs 5:18 begins, "Let your fountain be blessed" ("Cashed out," Aug. 11, p. 39).

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