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Issue: "Syria's pain," Sept. 8, 2012

'Outside the camp'

July 28 Thank you for this reminder about the Muslim world. The difficulty with the "Common Word" documents and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's words, "a genuine democracy and stability," is that for Muslims the rest of us are simply dhimmis, protected people. Our protection would be on their terms and would not last long. I do not believe that Western secular leadership will ever understand this.
-John Monroe, Carrollton, Texas

As a scholar of Islamic history, I reject the Salafist doctrine of the "uncreated Quran," which forbids the use of reason to understand its origins. I withdrew my signature from the "Christian Response to the 'Common Word'" because I am alarmed that influential evangelical leaders refuse to have a realistic view of Islamism. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to re-establish the Caliphate, make the Quran its constitution, and jihad its domestic and foreign policy. But some Muslims are fighting for the reformation of Sunni Islam and political freedom in the Muslim world. We in the West must continue to support them.
-Judith Rood, La Mirada, Calif.

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The photo with the victim's spilled blood was a graphic reminder of the inherent evil we see in this world. The press in America seldom shows the tremendous evil of innocent slaughter. This is true evil and we must never forget it.
-Neil Johnston, Grand Prairie, Texas

'Democracy and dualism'

July 28 Thank you for laying out the plight of persecuted Christians in Egypt and for warning about radical Islam. If our government leaders would study the foundational documents of Islam (including the Quran and Hadith), note what they say about Muslim attitudes and policies toward us "infidels," and study the history of the spread of Islam by the sword, we all would be more secure.
-K. Spevacek, Avondale, Ariz.

I'm not surprised. Islam demands its adherents convert or conquer the whole world. Our lack of response to this threat is speeding its fulfillment, both from wars outside our borders and from the spread of Islam within. Thank God He is in control.
-Rich Thorne, Bettles, Alaska

'Path to destruction'

July 28 In her excellent column Andrée Seu Peterson says, "Things are moving at breakneck speed now," and that pretty much sums it up. So often we hear of some celebrity "coming out" as a homosexual or some politician endorsing homosexual "marriage."
-Dick Dickerson, Mechanicsville, Va.

Borrowing a page from the comic books, Peterson portrays homosexual activists as crafty and malevolent super-villains. But healthy Christian engagement with homosexuals must begin with truth-telling, not caricature.
-Andrew Needham, Durham, N.C.

This was the best synopsis I have read on the state we are in now. Mothers like me have been trying to hold up the dike so our children would have a society that was morally "normal" and biblical, but the dike burst. I have very deep dread for current and future generations, but the Lord knows what is happening and He is faithful.
-Janet Mulvanny, Shoreline, Wash.

Sometimes I have Elijah moments where I feel that so many, even in the church, seem to be blind to how rebellion against God has infiltrated every part of our society. But this column reminded me that God has preserved many who have not bowed the knee to Baal.
-Sharon Henning, Longview, Texas

'Heaven and earth'

July 28 Janie B. Cheaney reminded me to lift my eyes up past the hills of earth's troubles to see the Lord, whence cometh our help. Her faithful words rekindled hope for me both about our world situation and my own health as I recover from cancer surgery.
-Rick Porter, Yarmouth Port, Mass.

Cheaney quotes the saying that "we don't want to be too heavenly-minded for any earthly good, do we?" But as C.S. Lewis noted, it is only as we are heavenly-minded that we are any earthly good: "If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next," from the apostles to the Christians who abolished the slave trade.
-Paul Enns, Tampa, Fla.


July 28 I know that WORLD is opposed to the idea of same-sex marriage, but in reporting on Barney Frank you appeared to have accepted the redefinition of marriage. Whatever Frank and Jim Ready did, they were not "married" or "wed," not according to the correct definition of the words.
-Ben Firth, Anchor Point, Alaska


July 28 It's good basic advice not to share photos and updates via Facebook while on vacation but that may not be enough. If others traveling with you or people you're visiting post a picture and "tag" you, it's going to appear for your friends and acquaintances to see that you're away.


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