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Issue: "School choice," Aug. 25, 2012

'2012 books issue'

July 14 I really appreciated the articles by Marvin Olasky and Randy Alcorn about Christian fiction. I boycotted the Beijing Olympics because I had just read Alcorn's Safely Home. A lifetime sports fan, I did not watch a minute of the opening and closing ceremonies or even Michael Phelps' medal-winning races because of the suffering of the Chinese people. That was one of the most moving novels I have ever read.
-Margaret Duncan, Jackson, Tenn.

Alcorn's novels have long been the favorite books of my two older sons and myself. He makes one long for heaven.
-Rebecca Orlowski, San Diego, Calif.

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My enjoyment of Alcorn's fiction prompted me to purchase his nonfiction Heaven several years ago. Both genres have been great reading, but my favorite is Lord Foulgrin's Letters. God is certainly using this author.
-Tom Herzog, Broadus, Mont.

'A religion on the move'

July 14 As a huge fan of WORLD, I was surprised and disappointed to read that the "Book of the Year" has "one major weakness." You note that in The Triumph of Christianity Rodney Stark "criticizes commitment to biblical inerrancy." That disqualifies it for me. I believe WORLD could have found a more deserving book.
-Joel DeKoning, Wausau, Wis.

'Strange bedfellows'

July 14 I fully agree with your recent exposé of the National Association of Evangelicals. Its advocacy of contraceptives for unmarried Christians is grievous and clearly contrary to biblical orthodoxy. Your report made the necessary distinctions about what is at stake and was delivered in a God-pleasing tone.
-George A. Damoff, Farmers Branch, Texas

Thank you for an excellent article about the NAE promoting the wrong message to Christian young people and taking money from a pro-abortion organization. To promote sin is to promote a bondage that quenches the Spirit and starves people of His grace.
-Daniel L. Cox, Frederick, Md.

It disgusts me whenever churches bring out the "inevitability" argument. My wife and I were virgins in our 20s when we stood at the marriage altar, and we are far from alone. For me, knowing what was expected was a strong deterrent to sin. We rejoice in forgiveness for those who fail, but let's not make provision for sin.
-Bryan Dawson, Jackson, Tenn.

My heart broke as I read of the path we have blindly followed. We say we are pro-life, but we so dread the possibility of our sons and daughters conceiving a child without the blessing of marriage that we will team up with those who destroy.
-Adria Davis, Ralph, Ala.

While I get the NAE's position and genuine care for unmarried 20-somethings, we need Christian role models who can get in the face of 20-somethings and tell them the way it really is from a biblical perspective. How I wish a strong Christian man had smacked me upside the head when I was 24 and foolish. My life might have turned out to be very different.
-Phillip Woeckener, Tallahassee, Fla.

Should Christians recommend that anyone use contraceptives? If we claim to be pro-life, why do we prevent conception? If children are a gift from the Lord, why do we act like they are burdens to our lifestyles? I don't claim to have the answers, but I'm surprised we're not even having the discussion.
-Janet Circenis, League City, Texas

Recent NAE decisions are shocking. Many thanks to Marvin Olasky for his timely alert.
-Char Pulliam, Stevensville, Mont.

We need to clean our own house first. Often, someone or some business identifies itself as "Christian" or "evangelical," but it is important to look at where they get their support.
-Edie Greenip, Crofton, Md.

'The Mormon challenge'

July 14 Excellent column. I do not at all agree with Romney's Mormonism but the choice between him and the socialist and pro-abortion President Obama is no choice at all.
-David Albertsen, Arvada, Colo.

We must not cast a vote that could enhance the spread of Mormonism at home and abroad. Yes, if Obama is reelected, it will be detrimental for our nation. However, although I cherish America, it is merely a kingdom of man. We must instead place priority on the kingdom of God.
-Jim Lasche, Albuquerque, N.M.

How can a person, elected to be leader of the free world, determine what is true while accepting wholeheartedly what is certainly not true?
-Gary Fitzgerald, Caldwell, Ohio

'A covering'

July 14 As I crocheted a crib blanket for a grandson scheduled to arrive in October, I prayed a "covering" over him with every symbolic stitch. As God is even now knitting him in his mother's womb, I pray that He will knit into this precious one faith, goodness, love, courage, generosity, wisdom, and creativity. Working the blanket with Andrée Seu Peterson's words in my mind brought a warm smile.
-Geri Scarpa, Midland Park, N.J.


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