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A better way

"A better way" Continued...

Issue: "School choice," Aug. 25, 2012

CYO founder Tony Ortiz says Kennedy's Ceasefire model "tries to pump a little fear into gangsters," but what they really need is a change of heart: "Most of these guys, you can't scare them out of violence. You have to earn their respect and show them a better way to live."

Viliami Lauti is modeling that better way. He recently received a message from a young man who had lived with him for two months before disappearing. "Meet me at Wing Stop," the message said. When Lauti showed up, the young man bought him lunch and told him that he had a job. He showed Lauti his check stubs and the car he'd bought: "He wanted to thank me and tell me he was getting his life together."

Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson is a writer who lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and three young children.


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