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Qualified for the prize

"Qualified for the prize" Continued...

Jones had a very unsettled childhood: Her parents were never married and are now apart.

Jones told Women's Health that to cope with stress, "I listen to a lot of Christian music, and reading my Bible calms me down immensely. But when I'm standing in a stadium packed with 80,000 screaming fans, I can't just whip out my Bible before I run. That's when I start praying!" (See "Highs and Lolo," by Mark Bergin, WORLD, June 16.)

Hunter Kemper
Men's Triathlon

Hunter Kemper, 36, has been running triathlons since age 10. London will be his fourth Olympics, making him one of only two men in the sport to compete in all four Games in which the event has been offered. His previous best finish was seventh in the 2008 Beijing Games, despite having just healed from a hernia.

"I was going to church, but I was just going," he said on a video on his website. "Sports became my idol."

As an adult Kemper recommitted his life to Christ. "It felt so good, it felt so good for me just to realize that there's something bigger that I need to be focusing on," he said.

See also "Faithful champions: Olympic greats from the past who have put their trust in Christ," by J.C. Derrick, from the current issue of WORLD.

Les Sillars
Les Sillars

Les directs the journalism program at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Va., and is the editor of WORLD's Mailbag section.


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