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Issue: "De-coding Morsi," July 28, 2012

'Fracking: fact or fiction?'

June 16 This article cleared up a lot of fiction I had heard about fracking and explained it in layman's terms. I've sent the information to local and state representatives to help them make wise decisions.
-Jone H. Reid, Winston-Salem, N.C.

'Ruling on counseling'

June 16 Thanks to the efforts of those tolerance fighters in Britain and in many declining Western societies, progressives (including homosexuals, atheists, and feminists) soon may not have to suffer the indignities of those pesky Christian moralists. Instead they'll have to deal with Sharia law, which is so much more accommodating.
-Alex Gorski, Sudbury, Ontario

'Quite a perk'

June 2 Identifying presidential perks funded by taxpayers is a great start. However, why not broaden the scope and identify nonessential benefits received by all government service personnel? Perhaps our esteemed living presidents will support Rep. Jason Chaffetz and his bipartisan colleagues. United leadership might achieve a greater benefit for us all.
-Marlene Zengel, Gretna, La.
-Betty Brian, Greenbrier, Tenn.

'Just for men'

June 2 Yes, in a democratic society, any club reserves the right to choose its members, but this does not excuse discrimination. For the Augusta National Golf Club to refuse membership to the CEO of IBM simply because she is a woman is discrimination, and discrimination is harmful to women. And I completely fail to see the correlation between the CEO of IBM and circus clowns and plumbers.
-Bryanna Lindberg, Galax, Va.

'Ticket talking'

May 5 The choice of a presidential candidate's running mate is usually a pandering attempt to balance a ticket, but Mitt Romney's choice is a chance to show whether his conservative change of heart in 2008 was real or just Etch A Sketch rhetoric. The choice is also important because the next VP may have an active role in the legislative process if the Senate splits 50-50, a not unlikely scenario. From Chapman's list I'd say this favors Sen. Portman or Rep. Ryan, but others to consider are Sens. John Thune, Rand Paul, or Pat Toomey.
-Josiah Peterson, Brooklyn, N.Y.

'In the shadow of war'

May 5 Thank you to Jamie Dean for her coverage of the refugee camps in South Sudan. The statement of the little boy who had had only a cup of boiled sorghum to eat that day has often echoed in my mind. Asked if he would get any dinner, he replied, "No, that's all for today."
-Meghan Bowker, Wasilla, Alaska


The name of the musical directed by Michelle McCarten, children's choir director at The Falls Church, is Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace ("A great divorce," June 16, p. 57).

Rick Santorum won the 2012 Iowa caucus ("The brain trust," June 30, p. 36).

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