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Healing opportunities

"Healing opportunities" Continued...

"The shooting was only the beginning," Chloe said. "I want to contribute to the ending so that it is inspiring and hopeful for others who may be in the same situation some day."

Chloe is already doing so: The day after the shooting, while her sister was recovering from brain surgery, Chloe went to see The Dark Night Rises at a different theater across town. She sat in the front row of theater No. 9-the same theater number as the one at the Aurora Century 16 where the shooting took place just hours earlier. Although a couple scenes made her jump more than usual because of real life events, she liked the movie and encourages others to see it. Chloe said the best part of the night happened when she ran into an estranged friend. Old grievances instantly forgiven, the friend asked if she were OK and offered to help. Another little piece of healing has begun.

Sarah Padbury
Sarah Padbury

Sarah is a writer, editor, and adoption advocate. She is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course. Sarah and her husband live with their six teenagers in Castle Rock, Colo.


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