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Issue: "The brain trust," June 30, 2012

Cheers and consequences

Mount Healthy (Ohio) High School senior Anthony Cornist walked across stage at his graduation on May 23, but he's still waiting on his diploma. That's because school officials were outraged by the volume of cheering for Cornist, a standout football player for the Fighting Owls, at the graduation ceremony. When Cornist went to school on May 24 to pick up his official diploma, he instead received a letter indicating that he or his family would have to complete 20 community service hours prior to receiving it as punishment for the too-raucous cheering at the ceremony. "When one group is making a lot of noise, the next student's name cannot be heard," Superintendent Lori Handler said, standing by the policy. "I firmly believe that every student should be recognized," adding that parents sign a release form prior to graduation promising not to be too loud.

Truman's debt

For the president who famously said, "The buck stops here," the final buck has at long last been paid. The Harry S. Truman Library Institute has finally paid an 80-year-old former paperboy who was stiffed by the Trumans on his paper route 65 years ago. George Lund (with Truman impersonator) said he recently received payment from the Truman Library Institute making good on a decades-old $7.50 bill owed to him in 1947 when the Trumans' Kansas City, Mo., home was a part of his Kansas City Independent Examiner paper route. Lund told KMBC that the Institute paid him not only the $7.50 bill, but also more than six decades of interest.


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