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Issue: "2012 Books Issue," July 14, 2012

'Building and preserving'

June 2 Marvin Olasky nails it again, stating clearly how the current administration tightens its grip on religious organizations and explaining the difference between "freedom of worship" and "freedom of religion." Thank you for calling us back to our true focus.
-Neil Johnston, Grand Prairie, Texas

'The bloodiest day'

May 19 Olasky did a superb job of capturing the human aspect of the Civil War battle at Antietam. If our schools would teach the human side of events like this, history would not be so boring for the kids.
-Jiles McKeel, Helen, Ga.

'Moving the goal posts'

May 19 Joel Belz asked for an example of a nation that operates a genuinely free market economy: How about Somalia? No government interference there; there's no government. That's not the biblical model. As James Madison said, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." The market by itself is incapable of producing a just society, while government unrestrained produces tyranny. There must be balance, as you said.
-Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel, Chino, Calif.

'Counting raisins'

May 5 For quite some time my distress has been mounting over the cultural notion of equality. I go about my business as if the battle is lost. Janie B. Cheaney's commentary truly lifted my spirits.
-Kathy Henricks, Marriottsville, Md.

'I believe'

May 5 I love how Andrée Seu Peterson defined meditation as an invitation to creativity. That's exactly been my experience. Thanks for finding the words for it.
-Lisa McLean, Shreveport, La.

'Ballot boxing'

April 21 Why do so many states refuse to do due diligence when checking voters for appropriate identification? You need to present a photo ID when you purchase medicine from the pharmacy, make a major purchase from a retailer, or pick your children up from school, so why not when you are voting? Voter ID laws hold the individual accountable and protect the legitimacy and integrity of the voting process.
-Todd Taylor, Eastvale, Calif.

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