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Issue: "2012 Books Issue," July 14, 2012

'Righteous rebels?'

June 2 I agree that the film For Greater Glory should "prompt Christians to consider how we would respond to similar persecution." But the reviewer's observation that "neither Christ nor His disciples called for violent or belligerent rebellion to entrenched government" would seem to suggest, perhaps rightly, that the rebellion of 1776 was wrongheaded. Dare we entertain such a thought?
-Boone Aldridge, Dallas, Texas

This was a helpful overview of the movie, but there are reasons why Christians did not rebel against Rome at the time the church was founded and why the American Revolution was so steeped in faith. Government has a divine purpose, and when it fails at that purpose, or worse, when it actively opposes truth, liberty, and justice, it must be opposed. Christians cannot rule out the use of force as a measure of last resort.
-Peter Hardt, Spokane, Wash.

'Experts needed'

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June 2 This month we also celebrate 30 years of Christ-centered marriage and we mark the high-school graduation of our fourth child, finishing 24 years of homeschooling. I would hardly consider this God-called and countercultural endeavor "happy busyness." It's been an upstream swim to spawn young adults who actually think like Christians.
-Marion Sforza, Cranford, N.J.

I agree that marriage is a privilege and a mercy, not a right. We, as Americans, have become so consumed with our rights that we assume everything is there for our taking. We are God's children and He has the right to discipline us.
-Rachel Hayes, Patrick Springs, Va.

Although many Christians are AWOL on the marriage issue, Sequim Bible Church was a spark plug in the effort by Protect Marriage Washington to gather enough signatures to put Referendum 74 (which would repeal our state's just-passed same-sex marriage law) on the ballot in the fall election. We had a Saturday parking lot signature day and placed a full-page ad in the local newspaper, an idea that other churches in the state copied.
-Harvey & Margaret Martin, Sequim, Wash.

'The salt and light company'

June 2 I had just read the articles on Egypt and China and was discouraged, thinking I couldn't make a difference, but thankfully I read this column next. The paradigm shift from trying to "be salt and light" to thinking I am salt and light makes the impossible possible through our Lord.
-Colleen Brezden, Kerrville, Texas

This column was like a sign from heaven. For months I've been searching for a name for our church's "community impact committees" that would have a non-political tone. Just this week I decided to approach my pastor with "Salt & Light Brigade."
-Gloria Beidler, Sutherlin, Ore.

'Romney's date with evangelicals'

June 2 As a supporter of Liberty University, I believe that having Gov. Mitt Romney as the commencement speaker disgraces the students and the school and sends a confusing message. Does the school stand for Jesus Christ or a false prophet and false religion?
-Gregory G. Poulos, Palm Bay, Fla.

Both President Obama and Romney claim to have "faith" and both "faiths" have evolved. The history of Mormonism shows multiple changes in doctrine, and the president's gay marriage flip-flop displays his lack of knowledge of the unchanging Word. Obama's so-called Christian beliefs are not any more Bible-based than Romney's. But at least Romney, who differentiated between the evangelical faith of Liberty students and his Mormon beliefs, realizes it.
-Elaine Neumeyer, Big Canoe, Ga.

I finally did it. I called your office and canceled my subscription because of your coverage of Romney.
-Linda Sullivan, Dayton, Ohio

'Under an open heaven'

June 2 Thank you to Andrée Seu Peterson for this open, honest, and hope-filled account of her journey. It illustrated what I long for individually and with my amazing wife: a childlike faith that is simple yet wonderfully complex. It reminds me of a Chesterton quote: "The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children."
-Matt Tuckey, Carlisle, Pa.

'Uncelebrated celebrity surgeon'

June 2 Hooray for Dr. Carson! Darwinian evolutionists have academic and scientific bunkers and try to assume away key issues, refusing factual debate. They don't usually hire people or invite speakers who disagree with them.
-Larry Tyson Ingels, Locust Grove, Va.

'Intellectual debts'

June 2 Stephen Mansfield should have quit after his first Obama book. President Obama does not talk or walk like a Christian.
-Robert Severson, Millersville, Pa.

'Just for men'

June 2 I hope the author was just being satirical when he suggested that Augusta National's refusal to allow women as members is akin to the lack of plumbers or clowns in the club. He implies that being a woman is the same as choosing a lower-class job. And what morally defensible reason does the author have for his flippant remarks? Putting down half of the world's population to defend an old boy's club is morally abhorrent. I'm disappointed.
-Abigail Hostetter, Las Vegas, Nev.


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