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Issue: "The brain trust," June 30, 2012

'Missed conception'

(May 5) I am thankful for the insights Erin Davis and her husband gained after they had children about how God is using their children to enhance, not hinder, their lives and ministry. I'm wondering how many more they will have.
-Pam Rinas; Williston, N.D.

'I believe'

(May 5) Thank you for another edifying column from Seu Peterson. The Lord continues to break me and bind me up simultaneously with her words.
-Mike Pasarilla; Knoxville, Tenn.

'Ballot boxing'

(April 21) Regarding the story about voter identification laws, recently a computer teacher proudly told me he'd managed to get 34 Mexican citizens who live in Mexico registered to vote. I, however, am an American citizen not able to vote, like some of my missionary colleagues, because strict interpretation of new voting laws plus circumstances caught up with us. While I am in favor of tighter voting laws, I would like to see federally standardized voting qualifications and procedures. Even Mexico requires every voter to have his elector's photo ID card.
-Diana Chiarky McLaughlin, ; Valle de San Quintin, Mexico

'What an atheist looks like'

(April 21) Regarding the five values shown on flags at the atheists' Reason Rally: Christians should show compassion, practice equality, seek out reason, give charitably, acknowledge diversity, but we must also be discerning. Sometimes we let the world back us off a cliff, but we must believe what God tells us is right and wrong and show conviction in what God is calling us to be, say, do, and act.
-Rebecca L. Brooks; Denton, Texas

'The breathless trumpeter'

(April 21) I do in-service training for local Chilean pastors. WORLD is my home page and a great resource. I recommend it to whomever I can.
-Lee Schnabel; Santiago, Chile

'Into the depths'

(April 7) I also am longing for forgetfulness. It is coming. Thank you.
-Cathy Groves; Springfield, Mo.

'The Hunger Games'

(April 7) I am extremely disappointed that your review gave only a minimal caution for violence and the danger of desensitization. The Hunger Games is a startling reminder of the culture today and its sick enjoyment of violence.
-Rachel Rauch; Bluffton, Ind.

'Your Jesus and mine'

(March 24) I very much appreciated your succinct and balanced treatment of "left vs. right." How rare!
-Clarence Grafton; Lynch Station, Va.


The one-day Civil War battle of Antietam produced 23,000 casualties ("The bloodiest day," May 19, p. 52).


George W. Bush received between 37 percent and 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in winning the 2004 presidential election ("Latin persuasion," May 19, p. 36).

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