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Issue: "The brain trust," June 30, 2012

'Zeroing in'

(May 19) Your comparison of the U.S. federal budget with a household budget of the same numbers minus eight zeros was the most graphic and scary depiction of our fiscal problems since the national debt clock. We have come too far in our national debt, in our unemployment, and on a host of other issues. I'm afraid that if we go any further, America will be irretrievably damaged.
-Eberhard Roell; Boulder, Colo.

'Moving the goal posts'

(May 19) Thank you to Joel Belz for pointing out that our system is far from a free market economy. But regarding Cuba, during a recent visit I found that it does have a free market-a free black market. People look for a need and provide it for a fee or barter without regulation. My cousin in Cuba, a gynecologist, takes portrait photos and resells pastry at her window because of the good traffic flow by her house. If the pastries do not sell she has to do something else or her family will go hungry.
-Ignacio Prats; York, Pa.

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This was an excellent column. A strong culture can enable a truly free market. A weak, secularized culture cannot support anything other than socialism.
-Josh Kimbrell; Greenville, S.C.

I agree that there are no truly free economies today, but there's a market-driven reason for that. Unrestrained capitalists will cheat and rob powerless consumers. You need some government control to protect the powerless, and you need some free enterprise to create the wealth. That's why people in a position to choose often choose something closer to the middle.
-Tom Pittman; Bolivar, Mo.

'Altar calling'

(May 19) What a beautiful column. We wish Andrée Seu Peterson many years of wedded bliss. We rejoice with her and her new husband and praise the Lord for His goodness to them.
-Roger & Vicki Gorman; Gladstone, Ore.

Knowing more about Seu Peterson from her blog posts than I did about her husband, I said to myself, this man is getting one terrific lady. Now I think they are pretty evenly matched. May God bless them both.
-Kenneth R. Bland; Las Cruces, N.M.

As a fan of Seu Peterson I'm familiar with the difficulties she has faced in her personal life over the last few years, so this column touched me deeply. It seems as if she has found a soul mate. May their love and sense of blessedness increase for each other and the Lord.
-Gayle Colby; Cottonwood, Calif.

'The cheer of the crowd'

(May 19) I enjoyed the interview with J.C. Watts. He suggested that conservative Republicans need to do a better job courting the African-American constituency, but how about Christians voting in line with biblical truth, regardless of political party, skin color, or gender? It's not difficult to determine where candidates and parties stand on issues.
-Beverly Parrish; League City, Texas

I enjoy the comprehensive view that WORLD provides and I especially enjoy your Q&As. I know that readers can hear the entire interview online, but I think they would be better served if the interviews received more space.
-Tom Burley; Alto, Mich.

'The bloodiest day'

May 19 The officer to President Lincoln's left in your photo on page 55 is not Gen. McClellan but Gen. John Alexander McClernand. He was a veteran of the western theatre and an Illinois politician who got military appointment through his friendship with Lincoln. McClernand had come to Washington to lobby the president and was invited to accompany Lincoln on his visit to the Sharpsburg battlefield on Oct. 3-4, 1862. This photo can be confused with the more famous one of Lincoln and Gen. McClellan.
-William L. Wells; Mayfield, Ky.

'God's chickens'

(May 19) The two views that Oran Smith points to are equally invalid excuses, and the extreme ends they illustrate only give excuse to the rest of us to do nothing.
-Loren Sanders; Milwaukee, Wis.

'Tom White, 1947-2012'

(May 19) After years of being blessed and challenged by Tom White's ministry, I'm saddened to hear of his sudden death. His sexual misconduct, if it occurred, is a sober warning that no servant of God is above temptation. In the wake of our own inevitable failures, may we follow Peter's courageous path of repentance, not Judas' selfish path of suicide.
-Hannah Malone; San Antonio, Texas

'Campus divide'

(May 5) Reformed University Fellowship was wrong to sign the Vanderbilt University diversity policy. RUF said it wanted to be a "sanctioned" organization; the Chinese also have a sanctioned church. RUF should have stood with the other groups. It would be inconvenient to move off campus, but what is that compared to standing for the body of Christ?
-Patricia Molic; Asheville, N.C.


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