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Issue: "Effective Compassion," June 16, 2012

'Bedroom politics'

April 21 Seeing the three political agendas in favor of abortion, same-sex marriage, and mandatory coverage of contraception side-by-side in print shows how anti-population they are. They echo the ancient strategy of the one who comes to "steal and kill and destroy."
-Glenn Hardaway; Lake Helen, Fla.

Our grandson's 10th-grade class of 400 had a three-hour lecture last year on the homosexual, transgender, and gay community. He was the only one not attending. Taxpayers don't seem to get that it's our money.
-Roger B. Olds Sr.; Willowbrook, Ill.

'Compared to what?'

April 21 I was delighted with your April 21 issue: Joel Belz on Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity," an interview with Dr. Ben Carson, an article on autistic children and their parents, the latest movies reviewed, a Reason Rally report, your quotes page, plus Seu Peterson and Olasky and the other great writers. I am very glad I renewed my subscription.
-Jonathan Prentice; Burlington, N.C.

My wife and 13-year-old son are constantly competing for WORLD when it arrives, but I finally got to read it myself and saw the ad for your podcast, "The World and Everything In It." I signed up and love it! The interview with Dr. Carson was wonderful. We used his Best-Worst Analysis technique the very next weekend as my daughter was considering joining ROTC.
-Marv Walworth; Tigard, Ore.

Quick Takes

April 7 We have been living on food stamps for over three years, since my husband ended up on unemployment. It has taught me firsthand what it is like to be in need. Some people out there take advantage of the system, but those who need help should take it. You can't always pull yourself up by your bootstraps. The church needs to learn how to help her own, not judge them.
-Cathy Dumont; Myakka City, Fla.

'Conscience killer?'

April 7 I enjoyed the review of The Hunger Games and appreciated that you looked at its darker side without discarding it completely. These books represent the fine edge between hope and despair on which our culture walks. This book series deals with the darker side of life but in the end hope survives in the form of love, and I think that can be a very Christian message to take home from the movie theater.
-Anne Marie Gregory; Cedar Rapids, Iowa

'Dirt rich'

March 24 As a rancher's daughter and nurseryman's wife, I was offended by this article. True, the cost of farm land has been rising in some places, making some farmers millionaires, but regulation has multiplied as well as the cost of gas, taxes, energy, and labor. And who is benefiting-farm families or corporations that own farms and dominate the subsidy arena? I know hundreds of farm families and have never met one flush with cash. Suggesting many are rich based on a couple of random facts without context is unfair.
-JulieBeth Lamb; Escalon, Calif.


March 24 What a tragic irony that comments such as, "When you can't save one, it's pretty tough," and "defenseless creatures with no say in their futures," did not concern babies but dogs and cats. I used to marvel at the changes my grandmother had seen during her lifetime (1888-1970). Thankfully she isn't here today to wonder not at how far we've come, but at how much we've lost.
-Genny Wittenbach; Lebanon, Ohio

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