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Issue: "Effective Compassion," June 16, 2012

'Setting captives free'

May 5 Like Saul of Tarsus, Charles Colson was dramatically transformed from a proud, misguided zealot into a humble servant of Jesus Christ. His legacy to me personally, aside from the impact of his testimony and wisdom as an author, are two large binders filled with letters and beautiful drawings from my Prison Fellowship pen pal, Trivon. He was incarcerated at age 21 and is now 40. Because of Colson, the shining light of faith has penetrated those cold, concrete walls and is reflected in Trivon's spirit, and mine.
-Fanchon Dewell Cornell; North Blenheim, N.Y.

'I believe'

May 5 Andrée Seu Peterson describes meditation as "not linear but frolicking." This is the first time I've understood that God smiles upon my preferred form of personal time in the Word, even though it is not very academically rigorous. I tend to soak His Word in until it becomes a song in my soul and, sometimes, literally a song of worship.
-Ken Shackleford; Fayetteville, Ark.

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Seu Peterson wrote that a person enters the Word "as into a secret doorway, and is led by the Spirit into many-chambered mansions." How beautiful! And how true!
-Judith Burr; Bethel Park, Pa.

'Doubting Darwin'

May 5 Marvin Olasky notes how Tennessee is providing ways for educators to critique evolution. Then in "Campus tilting" (May 5) Eric Teetsel notes that a Christian college's skepticism of Genesis 1 and 2 is "the most vague sort of biblical hermeneutics." It is encouraging that some governments are opening a door toward scriptural truth, yet concerning that some, if not many, Christian colleges are closing it.
-Michael DuMez; Oostburg, Wis.

Geneticist Richard Lewontin once wrote that evolution, no matter how inexplicable, had to be defended at all costs because "we can't allow the Divine Foot in the door." I pray the development in Tennessee means that at least the Divine Toe is in the door!
-Kathryn Presley, Bryan, Texas

'Establishment choice'

May 5 As an evangelical pro-lifer, I still distrust Mitt Romney but I will likely end up voting for him. President Obama is so extreme and there don't appear to be any other viable options. I see Romney's wealth as evidence of an ability to manage finances, a real asset in government.
-Andy Shaub, Ibarra, Ecuador

Your criticisms of Romney in your political cartoons are justifiable, but enough is enough. It is time to unite together against our common opponent.
-Daniel Visnovsky; Sparta, Mich.

'European war zone'

May 5 Great column. It's an uphill battle for the gospel here in Europe, but God is moving. I am a tennis instructor while in England. When European kids get athletic scholarships to play tennis at American colleges, especially in the South or Texas, they get the gospel much more than they are used to, and some return to Europe and preach it here.
-Brian T. Keating; Windsor, England

'Missed conception'

May 5 Not every Christian who decides not to have children is doing so for selfish reasons. My sister and I grew up with horrible abuse, and I had a terrible problem with anger until age 47. We and our husbands decided not to bring children into the world, not so we could buy toys or take fancy trips, but because we wanted to stop the cycle of abuse.
-Linda Sullivan; Dayton, Ohio

'Here be dragons'

May 5 I disagree that state legislators are often overworked and underpaid, judging from the never-ending stream of rules and regulations emanating from state capitals. But if it is true, I have a simple suggestion: Work less and pass fewer laws.
-James Peterzell; Madison, Ga.

'Campus divide'

May 5 As a Vanderbilt University student active in the Christian community, I oppose the administration's "all-comers" nondiscrimination policy and agree with the path that Baptist Collegiate Ministry and Reformed University have taken. They plan to remain registered student organizations until the policy becomes a problem in practice. However, the issue has consumed far too much of our time and energy. We allowed ourselves to get too political and lost sight of the lost.
-Peter York; Nashville, Tenn.

'Intense isolation'

April 21 Thanks for showing the difficult road that is parenting a child with autism, and the demands and stress it puts on families. It made autism real instead of merely providing statistics. I have seen God work through our experience parenting a child with autism. We are learning what it means to love unconditionally and have seen so many answers to prayer.
-Ruth Stieff; Des Moines, Iowa


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