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Help for the hurting

"Help for the hurting" Continued...

Issue: "The brain trust," June 30, 2012

The family of his best friend, Tremper Longman, took him in at the age of 13, providing a sense of stability and an idea of what family could be. Both families helped make him a therapist, public speaker, and storyteller.

In Allender's pre-conversion career-he describes it as "pharmaceutical sales"-he carried a 9 mm. His addictions "spanned many chemical means." He smoked the last of his weed on the steps of his seminary before going in to register for classes.

He has devoted his life following his Christian conversion to the task of learning-and telling-his own story. He believes therapists can take clients no further into their stories than they have gone themselves, and that sexual abuse in general, not in particular, should be talked about more openly, as should anything that violates human dignity.

His wife, Becky, gives him the most joy, followed closely by his three children and three grandchildren. Fly-fishing helps knit the family together. For Allender, as an only child, coming together in a family is as sweet as it gets.

-Chelsea Kolz is a World Journalism Institute student

Chelsea Boes
Chelsea Boes

Chelsea is an editorial assistant for God’s World News. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a degree in literature. Follow Chelsea on Twitter @ckboes.


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