Ending one war to arm for the next?

"Ending one war to arm for the next?" Continued...

Issue: "Effective Compassion," June 16, 2012

Currently Turkey relies on U.S. intelligence from unarmed drones to combat rebels, and Iraq uses unarmed drones to monitor oil platforms that move millions of barrels of Iraqi crude oil from the country's inland oilfields to commercial tanker ships in the Persian Gulf. But the sale of armed drones would be a first in the region, and the United States would have to commit to arming and maintaining them.

"Aside from the United States, no one can afford drones," Daalder said simply.

Military expenditures by NATO countries

In 2009 dollars

U.S.: $669 billion

France: $67 billion

U.K.: $58 bilion

Germany: $47 billion

Italy: $38 billion

Canada: $20 billion

Spain: $17 billion

Turkey: $16 billion

Netherlands: $12 billion

Greece: $11 billion


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