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Issue: "Trouble in Egypt," June 2, 2012

Nevertheless, he is quick to point out that he did not approach the project with an agenda to push or a moral to teach, believing that events in the film speak for themselves. "Whether you believe [the Cristeros] did the right thing or not is for each person to decide. Would it have all worked out if they had just been pacifists, or would they all have been shot dead?" Wright asks. "I don't know and I didn't want to impose an answer. On the one hand our Lord is the Prince of peace, on the other there's a time for peace and a time for war."

He also explains that he took pains to avoid making a purely religious film and instead tried to maintain the story's larger context. "Yes, it's about people fighting for faith, but that's the same thing as fighting for freedom," he points out. "Because the next freedom to go is the right to protest, then the next freedom to go is the freedom of assembly. It's a slippery road and before you know it you're under a totalitarian government. Neighbors turn on neighbors, and that started to happen [under Calles], like you saw in Nazi Germany, and other fascist regimes."

Star Andy Garcia agrees, arguing that regardless of whether you'd be inclined to support the actions of the renegade Catholics, their story is worthy of attention. "There are debates going on in contemporary society about the role of the government and religion and where the line should be drawn over how deeply religion should be involved in politics and how much government should be involved in religion. So just like Braveheart wasn't just a movie for Scots or Schindler's List wasn't just a movie for Jewish people, this is not just a movie for Mexicans or for Catholics. This is a universal story that is still going on all around the world."

Garcia says he's glad For Greater Glory is bringing up events that were for so long a taboo subject in Mexico because he believes they have something to contribute to current debates. "It's the old cliché," he says. "If you don't know history you're in danger of repeating it."

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Megan Basham
Megan Basham

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