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The new Screwtape

"The new Screwtape" Continued...

Issue: "Trouble in Egypt," June 2, 2012

Every generation has to deal with the problem of pain, but you also bring in some issues that Lewis did not have to consider. How about two paragraphs from Letter 12? "We see an even finer example of our philological handiwork in the representation of homosexuality. ... From the Adversary's point of view the homosexual is no different from the glutton, the adulterer, the liar, or the worshiper of graven images with which we have peopled the stock exchanges. ... The homosexual is in exactly the same position as the unmarried heterosexual. ... The Adversary's command is to enjoy the physical union He has designed only through ... marriage; otherwise, He commands abstinence, which, thanks to us, is virtually impossible for them.

"We have corrupted the homosexual's legitimate plea for tolerance, turning it into a demand at first for acceptance and then for approval. ... The ultimate advantage to us is not societal strife and division in the church, however amusing, but spreading out wider our finest work, one nearest to his majesty's dark heart: spiritual pride. Homosexuality is a mere sin of the flesh. The creation of homosexuals is a legitimate goal for us not so we may damn them, but so we may ensnare those tasty delicacies, the spiritually self-righteous souls who are protected from this particular sin, yet who would denigrate those who have this cross to bear. ... With warm regards from your loving uncle and mentor, Slashreap."

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Marvin Olasky
Marvin Olasky

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