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Issue: "Trouble in Egypt," June 2, 2012

"The breathless trumpeter"

(April 21) Our proper national role is to protect ourselves and the world against despotism. The people concerned, whether in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, must do their own nation-building. We should have been very explicit about offering allies a limited period of security in which to achieve a functioning government, with a planned and certain departure followed by substantial but conditional support.
David Hillquist; Arcadia, Mo.

"Wins and losses"

(April 21) The urgent and difficult stories Mindy Belz tells us about Christians under persecution all over the world are one of only a few links we have to these brothers. The reminders bring us to prayer, call us back to our eternal perspective, and force us again to put our trust in a sovereign God.
Jennifer Neubert; California, Md.

"Compared to what?"

(April 21) Joel Belz noted that the Senate leadership hasn't passed a budget in three and a half years. He could have added that the president chooses not to enforce laws he doesn't like, such as the Defense of Marriage Act. The common thread? Both ignore their oaths and their responsibilities to uphold the Constitution.
Clarence Grafton; Lynch Station, Va.

"Raising up scholars"

(April 21) I greatly enjoyed the article and especially this quote: "Everyone deserves opportunity, no one deserves success." But I noticed that none of the nine children in the photo of students attending this elite private school were boys. As a teacher working in more ethnically diverse schools, I've noticed boys falling by the educational wayside in a system dominated by women and often more geared toward girls. I hope boys get an equal opportunity to excel.
Kelly Gerlach; Gakona, Alaska


(April 7) It was good to see a follow-up interview with Laura Hinson, who produced the documentary on Rwanda. Reconciliation takes time but thank God it can happen.
Joan Grabill; Xenia, Ohio

"The gardener"

(April 7) Wow. I began reading and felt like I was being swept away by the tide. This is really good stuff.
Don Kuhns; Bakersfield, Calif.

"Tax time humor"

(April 7) I so enjoyed the fun Marvin Olasky poked at editors. It's been a really long week during which my computer crashed and I may have lost much information. At any rate, your column lightened my mood.
Ann Williams; El Cajon, Calif.

"Animals as idols"

(March 24) I agree that some people wrongly value animals above humans, but some people see pets as completely disposable. I volunteer with an animal rescue group (mostly non-Christians) because that is the passion the Lord has placed on my heart, and I am routinely embarrassed by the poor witness of my Christian friends who surrender their pets for convenience.
Betsy Nesbitt; Asheville, N.C.

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