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Issue: "The GOP and Hispanics," May 19, 2012

"Law and orders"

(April 7) It was right for us to protect our borders and ban companies from hiring undocumented workers, but this is only the beginning of our task. We need to address glitches in the system and we need a clear idea of the demand for skills that cannot be met from within our borders. For a multitude of reasons, we are producing too many people for jobs that don't exist and too few for jobs that do. We should also assess the degree to which employers are attracting illegal workers because they want to pay lower wages and avoid having to provide a safe workplace and accident insurance.
Judith Weber; Houston, Texas

"Tax time humor"

(April 7) Once again, Marvin Olasky's pre-Tax Day rib-tickling humor brightened my day. While my newspaper background likely helped me appreciate the jokes, I think anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy this column.
Ken Walker; Huntington, W.Va.

"Chasing down truth"

(April 7) I loved this column. It is forthright, humble, and a tribute to the sovereignty of God.
Laura Smith; Mishawaka, Ind.

Notable Books

(April 7) There is sadly much truth to the charge, from The Next Generation, that the older generation of Christians is "judgmental, separationist, culture warring, and damaging to the Christian brand." For too long the church has not done enough to address ills such as orphans, sex trafficking, and dirty water, according to the author. But when Christians try to address the root causes of these ills, such as a culture with few sexual restraints, they are accused of being judgmental, divisive, and unloving. Is it more loving just to pick up the pieces after the fact or be controversial and confrontational in attempting to prevent these ills?
Rick Ross; Owosso, Mich.

"Animals as idols"

(March 24) I too have noticed how our culture increasingly glamorizes owning a "rescue dog." We now couch pet ownership in "adoption" terminology, which used to be reserved for human relationships. I have stunned many friends who encourage us to have a dog by responding, "Frankly, I would rather have another child than a dog." The energy, attention, and resources that I would pour into a child would make them a productive member of society (and prayerfully) of the Lord's kingdom. A dog never grows up and leaves home.
Martha Kasper; Alpharetta, Ga.

"Nowhere to run"

(March 10) Mindy Belz, reporting from Kano, did a fantastic job describing the horrific situation in Nigeria where Muslims continue to kill and persecute Christians. When will this killing of Christians stop?
Roman G. Golash; Palatine, Ill.


Central Community College is in Columbus, Neb. ("The trades alternative," April 7, p. 49).

The actor who cut his hand during the filming of Shaken was Kevin Sizemore ("Whirlwind production," April 21, p. 59).

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