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Issue: "Return to war?," May 5, 2012

Bird talk

There are new sounds coming from the treetops in unpopulated spots in Australia. According to a recent report in Australian Geographic, wild parrots have been heard speaking English. The Australian Museum's Search and Recover desk told the magazine that they have been getting numerous calls from hikers reporting that wild parrots-especially cockatoos-were croaking out phrases in English. Scientists at the museum speculate that the wild parrots could have learned English phrases from domesticated parrots that had escaped and joined a wild flock.

Remembering RoboCop

Detroit residents anxious for a RoboCop statue can be thankful that the bronze homage to the popular 1980s movie by the same name is one step closer to reality. Statue visionary Jerry Paffendorf reported to the Detroit News in April that a model of the RoboCop effigy is currently being scanned in a Canadian studio in preparation for a bronze casting. The idea for a statue celebrating Detroit's most famous fictional crime fighter came from a 2011 tweet to Motor City mayor Dave Bing sarcastically asking if his vision for a "New Detroit" included a tribute to the film icon. Since then, local enthusiasts like Paffendorf have raised $50,000 for the statue. "The only thing that's up in the air," Paffendorf said, "is the timeline and where it's going to go."


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