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Issue: "Who will vote?," April 21, 2012

Generation text

As parents of teenagers who haven't yet purchased unlimited text messaging perhaps already know, a new report published by the Pew Research Center found that the average American teen taps out 60 text messages per day. The March 19 report found that two-thirds of all American teenagers send texts to their friends every day, while only 26 percent said they called their friends every day. A similar report from 2009 found that teens sent, on average, 50 texts per day.

Young justice

As excuses go, Jacob Clark of Cape Cod, Mass., had a pretty good one for getting out of jury duty: He's a third-grader, and he would have to miss school. The Massachusetts 9-year-old received a jury summons in the mail ordering him to report for his civic duty at Orleans District Court on April 18. At first Jacob was reportedly excited to miss school and go to court. But once grandmother Deborah Clark explained that it might mean facing people accused of crimes, the 9-year-old backed down and had his father phone the jury commission office to sort out the situation.


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