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Issue: "Return to war?," May 5, 2012

"Branching out"

(March 24) Being good stewards of this world, although expressed a bit overbearingly in the movie version, was the whole moral of The Lorax. Focusing the review on indoctrinating children toward environmentalism was a bit narrow, and I was delighted to see on the big screen a moral indictment of Darwinism (intentional or not) when the Once-ler sang that cutting down the truffula trees was just survival of the fittest.
Martin Hemmingsen; Niceville, Fla.

"Taking a pass"

(March 24) LeBron James is having a phenomenal season, but he cannot let fear of public opinion hurt his play. He needs to be himself, whether that is taking a last-minute shot or passing the ball to someone else.
Tommy Shields; Miami, Fla.

"With fear and trembling"

(March 24) Andrée Seu's column was a refreshing expression of something I've been learning through life but never associated with Philippians 2:12. Her words give clarity to living by faith.
Lydia Reid; Lincolnton, N.C.


(March 24) I could not help but be thrilled by the quote from Mark Thompson of the BBC, where he admitted that his network treats Christianity with less sensitivity than other religions partly because of threats. Christianity stands out as the only religion safe to mock. What a testimony to the work of Jesus in the church.
Bradley Norcross; Waco, Texas

"No JFKs, please"

(March 10) I reacted strongly to the JFK quote. The view that the church should have no input on public policy is frightening. Granted, the quote was from an era before the cultural battles over legal abortion and gay marriage, but the church and other religious traditions have historically provided a moral compass for government through the training and instruction of adherents. The Founding Fathers understood that people must be trained to govern themselves in order to be governed by a limited government.
Roger Rutter; Owego, N.Y.

"Just so happens"

(Feb. 25) My daughter Rachel, 9, has been diabetic for over five years and I often check on her during the night. It can be an overwhelming responsibility. Sometimes I think that her life is in my faulty hands when He truly is the one caring for her. I feel like the onus is on me, and that if she suffers it is because I dropped the ball. Andrée Seu's column confirmed for me that Rachel's life is not actually in my hands at all.
Rebecca Koebbe; Carlinville, Ill.


Slovakia is not a Balkan nation (Quick Takes, March 24, p. 21).

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