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Issue: "Return to war?," May 5, 2012

"Friendly fire"

(March 24) Your article confirmed for me why I pray that Rick Santorum is the man God will allow to lead this country. This nation desperately needs a man (or woman) at the helm who displays and lives such godly characteristics
Kristine Owens; Peoria, Ill.

Mitt Romney is the choice of Washington's Republican establishment, as was Sen. John McCain. That alone has me praying for Santorum.
Alden P. Lewis; Carlisle, Pa.

"Sin is sin"

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(March 24) Joel Belz properly refused to defend WORLD against a charge of "homophobia." Such a defense must always fail because homophobia is an endlessly mutable accusation the gay community uses to describe its political opponents. Instead, Belz explained clearly the larger context of sin and of the political struggle to enthrone homosexual behavior as normal and acceptable and honored. I pray that Eric listens.
Richard G. Briggs; Belpre, Ohio

Belz didn't shrink back one iota from articulating and applying what the Word of God says, and he did it with love throughout.
Marty Wolf; Cedarburg, Wis.

I loved the analogy that "homosexual immorality is like going 85 mph the wrong way on a one-way street." People in my family I love and cherish dearly are going the wrong way, and they cannot see that my love for them hasn't changed despite my disapproval of their choices. This is a heart-breaking subject that brings God great sorrow.
Jodi Booth; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho'

Most pastors and churches avoid this subject, yet the head-in-the-sand approach will not make this assault by homosexuals on families and children go away. Reminding readers that God disapproves of behavior that destroys the soul is not gay-bashing-it's a biblical warning.
Igor Shpudejko; Mahwah, N.J.

"Your Jesus and mine"

(March 24) Janie Cheaney delivered a very clear message that it's not about who has Christ on their side but rather who will be on Christ's side. I tend to think I'm always right, so I need to hang this sentence where I can see it daily: "Is being right more important to me than being in Christ?"
Sharon Carpenter; Colon, Mich.

Your succinct and balanced treatment of "left vs. right" was very much appreciated. How rare!
Clarence Grafton; Lynch Station, Va.


(March 24) So, the Slovakian people have a bridge to name and the overwhelming favorite choice is "Chuck Norris"? The only problem is that everyone knows that you never, ever, cross Chuck Norris.
Denny Brownlee; Mt. Juliet, Tenn.

"Animals as idols"

(March 24) I'm glad that you addressed "petcentrism." Several years ago, while on one of my daily walks with my dogs, I decided to begin investing less time with them and more time in the lives of needy children. I have been a foster parent for almost four years now. We cannot value pets over human lives.
Janet Magana; Santee, Calif.

We also had an animal named "Trouble." He was a steer. We ate him.
Larry Marsh; Borrego Springs, Calif.

Almost all of my canine friends at the local dog park have human names, and their owners are not "masters" but "parents." That makes me "Peg's Dad." The trend you described does not demonstrate an increased appreciation of animals but a degradation of the "crown of creation," as the psalmist calls us, to the level of animals. Call it the practical theology of a resurgent neo-paganism.
Jack Kennedy; Philadelphia, Pa.

"After-birth abortion"

(March 24) The authors of the article promoting "after-birth abortion" fail to take their "pro-choice" logic to its conclusion. If I decide that I do not value your contribution to society and "choose" to eliminate you and all others like you, who are you to say I am wrong?
Kevin E. Yoder; Gap Mills, W.Va.

If babies who aren't fully developed have no right to life, then neither do the disabled. I work with severely mentally and physically disabled adults under a Lutheran organization. Giubilini and Minerva would find that none of the clients I care for "attribute any value to their own existence" but it would be heartbreaking if they were killed. Any person, no matter his disability, contributes to our society, churches, and families.
Karl Honegger; Loveland, Colo.

"Behind the scenes"

(March 24) What a wonderful and encouraging article. My wife and I met in college in the '70s through our love for movies that continues today. May all believers in Hollywood take a stand for Christ and use their gifts God has given them. Many of us who love movies are praying for the directors, producers, actors, and others.
Terry Johnson; Westwood, Calif.


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