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Issue: "Who will vote?," April 21, 2012

Arsenio Orteza's article about Houston's sad decline exemplifies the widespread lack of understanding in churches about addiction, a disease that is no respecter of persons. Maybe if we had more compassion for the Whitney Houstons and Kurt Cobains of the world, addicts would feel more comfortable in church than in 12-step programs. As Christians, we should be a beacon and refuge for all the broken, however lovely, talented, and famous-or not-they may be.
Isabella Yosuico; Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Notable CDs

(Feb. 25) I enjoy Krieg Barrie's illustrations, Janie B. Cheaney's consistently insightful essays, and Arsenio Orteza's music reviews. I couldn't care less about the music reviewed, but his fresh descriptions of artists and encyclopedic knowledge of musicology are astounding. His review of "Bangarang" by Skrillex had me rolling on the floor laughing.
Leslie Morrison; Wickenburg, Ariz.

"Advantage America"

(Feb. 25) Given the widespread acceptance of gratuitous sex and violence in the film industry, I worry that we are on a slippery slope toward utter barrenness. But in my little neck of the woods I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of young couples that not only choose to have children but are having three or more. There's some light in the dark world of news.
Amy Ingersoll; Hebron, Md.

Human Race

(Feb. 25) Thank you for reporting that C.J. Mahaney has been reinstated to ministry. Our family has turned away from legalism largely through his message that the gospel is everything and Jesus is enough. We have never met him, but we are grateful to him.
Roy & Pam Garringer; Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

"Living on SNAP"

(Feb. 25) We live in a tiny community of 600 souls and the majority is on entitlements of some kind. The poor have food stamps and many other government programs, and our local food bank often sends extra food to the post office to be given away. Meanwhile, mothers are coaching their teen daughters on how to get the most entitlements. We cannot sustain this.
Debra De Witt: Midwest, Wyo.

I really appreciate Marvin Olasky's terrific insight on our world. Today when I tried carrots with peanut butter I realized that his talents are even greater than I had thought.
Gerald R. Doctor; Hudsonville, Mich.

"The battle for accurate Bible translation in Asia"

(Feb. 11) This article really made me think. Bible translation should be straightforward. Our task is to proclaim God's Word as He has given it to us. Conversion is a work of the Spirit, and so we should not use heterodoxy in attempts to convert more people.
Becky Filipek; Hicksville, N.Y.


Servant Group International began as a relief group to assist Kurds chased from their homeland ("A rush of life," March 24, p. 45).

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