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Issue: "Who will vote?," April 21, 2012

"Nowhere to run"

(March 10) Two years ago in northern Nigeria I talked to a Christian man who has lived in Kano for many years. As he described the systematic discrimination against Christians and the occasional violent attacks that included killings and burning homes and churches, he admitted that the number of Christians is small. Then he added, "But we stand strong, because this faith is worth having."
David Abernathy; Union County, N.C.

"The new authoritarians"

(March 10) I enjoyed the article on how radical Islamist forces are taking over the Arab spring revolution. Why is the very liberal Obama administration supporting groups that would suppress the rights of others in the name of Allah? This seems like a strange alliance indeed. Is it naïveté, timidity to avoid offending radical Muslims, or just distaste for the oppressive regimes in the region?
Kevin Burk; Manassas, Va.

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This administration's blatant hostility toward our freedom to speak out and say what is true will be our nation's undoing and have a negative influence on the rest of the Western world.
Sandy Thompson; Redlands, Calif.

I'm just reading "The new authoritarians" and "Stressed-out cities" (March 10). They are both informative and alarming.
Franklin A. Ferguson; Brookline, Mass.

"No JFKs, please"

(March 10) Conservative, practicing Catholics and evangelical Protestants are natural allies in the fight against Barack Obama's assault on religious liberty and many other social issues. It is about time people from both camps recognize this. Although it created quite a kerfuffle with the mainstream media, Rick Santorum was right in his graphic criticism of President Kennedy's comments on the so-called "wall of separation" between church and state. No more nominally Roman Catholic candidates: Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and their ilk are enough to make anyone nauseous.
Peter Broda; Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

Sometimes I think the late Francis Schaeffer's "co-belligerency" concept opened the door for the loss of the evangelical identity. The content of the gospel seems to be taking second place to the doomed effort to win the "culture wars." I was raised pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic, and the Catholic version of "religious freedom" now making the news isn't what Protestants have historically called "freedom of conscience."
Jim Schilling; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Words you understand"

(March 10) Long words, as G.K. Chesterton wrote in Orthodoxy, "go rattling by us like long railway trains. We know they are carrying thousands who are too tired or too indolent to walk and think for themselves." I love what Andrée Seu said and yearn with my whole heart for what she describes: perspicuity for Love's sake.
Samuel Clark Winston; Plains, Mont.

As a volunteer lay minister for the Illinois prison system, lately I've been feeling a little intimidated when the inmates start filing into the classroom. It's not because they are dangerous men, but because many have vast stores of Bible knowledge. I often leave wondering if my message was too elementary. After reading Seu's column, I feel a little better. Maybe just caring and being willing is enough.
Jeremy Freed; Gridley, Ill.

"Unpopular law"

(March 10) I agree that with "a little tightening," our Constitution would be good as new. May I suggest two amendments: one defining when human life begins and one defining marriage, so that no judge could misinterpret or bypass the will of the people. Our Founding Fathers never would have thought this necessary.
Clarence Grafton; Lynch Station, Va.

As a public-school teacher of American history, I was disappointed to read of Justice Ginsberg's opinion. I plan to share this article with my students. Thank you for your positive insight.
Toby Hawkins; Mountain View, Okla.

"Catechisms with flesh on"

(March 10) Marvin Olasky and Nate Wilson did an excellent job discussing a human's response to an all-sovereign God, and Wilson's explanation of what Tolkien would say to Frodo about the existence of evil was spot on. Yet I was asking, "What about the orcs? What would Tolkien say to them?" How would I as a pot respond to a Potter who has put me on the wrong side of evil?
Ricky DiMartino; Morganton, N.C.

"Whitney's love"

(March 10) I greatly appreciate the way WORLD avoids being condescending or preachy when writing about pop culture, but your obituary of Whitney Houston was unnecessarily belittling. Calling the last dozen years of her life a slow suicide was particularly harsh. Obviously, she wasted some of her talent through her bad choices, but those who struggle with addictions need not be defined by their sin, particularly in death.
Amber M. Shimel; Apopka, Fla.


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