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Miracles of reconciliation

"Miracles of reconciliation" Continued...

Issue: "Agony and ecstasy," April 7, 2012

What was your understanding of the gospel before you went through this experience? I had the basic idea of Jesus, the Son of God, dying for the sins of the world, atoning for them, and reconciling us to God through His death. I understood it on an intellectual level. I always cried out to God to reveal Himself to me more and more. I think He did that for me through this trip to Rwanda. Ever since then I have not doubted the reality of God and the gospel.

Because, humanly speaking, what you saw could not have happened apart from God? Yeah. I saw a foretaste of what will happen one day when all things are fully reconciled. The Bible likes to take the smallest, least likely characters and make them examples. I see that happening in Rwanda.

In 2006 you're editing your film, and your ex-fiancée comes back into your life. I kept wondering, "OK, Lord, if this is the story You want me to tell about radical forgiveness ... how is this going to play out in my life?" I worried that something horrific was going to happen ... like my mom was going to be killed and I would have to forgive. But God was much more merciful. Tommy called out of the blue. We hadn't spoken in two years. He asked if I was married. I said no. He said, "I still love you and would love to come visit you."

And then ... He came to visit. He told me he wanted to marry me for sure, but he wanted to give me space to think about it, so I should let him know when I was ready because then he would propose. About six months later I gave him the OK. He proposed. We were married about three months after that.

You plan to have a new film out next year, Mama Rwanda. It's about two women. One is a very poor village mom. She is starting an association of perpetrators and survivors and teaching them how to save 30 cents a week in a joint bank account that they will use to get a piece of land where they will farm together. I contrast her with a city mom, a widow who is an up-and-coming rising star of entrepreneurship in the country. It's an intimate portrait of these two women's lives.

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Marvin Olasky
Marvin Olasky

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