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Issue: "Agony and ecstasy," April 7, 2012

"Coming to America"

(Feb. 25) This article reminded me of how incredibly blessed I am to be homeschooled in a Christian environment and attend a college of my choice. Programs that transfer Chinese students to American private schools offer a great opportunity, but the real solution would be educational reform in the Chinese school system.
Terrill Zentmeyer; Odessa, Fla.

"Automaton army"

(Feb. 25) Having robots fight our wars would certainly cut down on the casualties, but implanting "ethical constraints" into a robot can only go so far. Robots can be useful tools, but men and women should make the choice to pull the trigger.
Nicolas Poole; Bristow, Va.

Notable Books

(Feb. 25) WORLD reviewed Elizabeth George's book Believing the Lie. I was appalled by the description of the book. A different author with the same name, Elizabeth George, has written Loving God with All Your Mind and A Woman After God's Own Heart. Would you please clarify for readers that this is not the same author?
Jessica Wenger; Port Royal, Pa.

"The Vow"

(Feb. 25) This review was disappointing. It was not just a "one-dimensional plot" and I wish the reviewer had noted that this story is based on a real married couple, Kim and Krickett Carpenter, who reportedly have a strong faith in the Lord.
Dawn Coon; Arroyo Grande, Calif.


(Feb. 25) I love the high value WORLD places on human life as made in God's image, and so I must quibble with the phrase "fatal birth defect" referring to Bella Santorum's syndrome, Trisomy 18. I know T18 patients who lived into their 30s. Our own daughter with T18 lived six years before she died of pneumonia, and we learned more about God, unconditional love, and grace during our daughter's life than at any other time. I have a hard time seeing her as "defective" despite her disabilities.
Loren Warnemuende; Canton, Mich.

"Viral denial"

(Feb. 25) As a foster mom who has cared for babies exposed to HIV in utero, I am appalled. If contracting HIV-AIDS were as one-dimensional as participating in reckless behavior, perhaps Fischer would have a reason to pursue this line of thinking. But to anyone who has seen this disease at work, this man's views seem absurd.
Mary Flickner; Duncanville, Texas

"Impractical magic"

(Feb. 25) The quote from Steven Hawking, that certain physical laws like gravity are reliable enough to "create," astounded me. He seems oblivious to the fact that first someone had to create matter.
Joan M. Hochstetler; Charlotte, Tenn.

"Blessed by the dozen"

(Jan. 28) After taking a few samples, the doctors told my mother that her baby would likely have Down syndrome and recommended an abortion. But she wouldn't budge, believing that she had been given the child for a reason. She was right. I am here for a purpose no matter what my health is like, and those 12 kids are here for a purpose no matter what the world says.
Jordan Armstrong; Valparaiso, Ind.


The Hebrew scholar, seminary professor, and Bible translator who died on May 29, 2011, was Hermann J. Austel ("Departures," Dec. 31, p. 66).

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