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Issue: "The battle," March 24, 2012

"Inside outsider"

(Feb. 11) I am in a quandary over who to vote for. We have Mitt Romney, who gives his full tithe to the Mormon Church; Newt Gingrich, who has a history of infidelities and a temper; Ron Paul, who is out in left field on foreign policy; and Rick Santorum, who would make a wonderful neighbor. All are flawed to a degree, so for me the choice will come down to who has the guts to make the real changes that our country so desperately needs. Only God knows, and may He grant us the wisdom to discern.
Diana Doran; Boise, Idaho

"More unmerited mercy"

(Feb. 11) Marvin Olasky reminds all of us that we are called to walk a fine line: being in the world, but not of the world. I appreciate his honesty and candor.
Dan Marshall; Monroe, N.C.

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Olasky's warning in 1997 regarding proposed changes to the original NIV concerned me greatly. How sad that a Christian publisher would decide to make changes in Scripture merely to please our constantly degrading culture. How I appreciate WORLD for sticking with this battle for scriptural accuracy.
Lee Parlee; Rockford, Ill.

"More unmerited mercy" states that the former Evangelical Press Association code of ethics "insisted that members ... not do or say anything that could hurt the brands of other members." That is incorrect. The code said, "Whenever substantive mistakes are made, whatever their origin, they [members] should be conscious of their duty to protect the good name and reputation of others." Only a few years before the "Stealth Bible" controversy, EPA honored investigative reporting by Cornerstone magazine that exposed Christian speaker Mike Warnke. EPA does not discourage its members from critical reporting about Christians.
Doug Trouten, Executive Director, Evangelical Press Association

"Citizen first"

(Feb. 11) I know nothing about the Boston Bruins but was pleased with the story on goalie Tim Thomas. Let the liberal media say what they want; this man has courage and lots of it for declining the invitation to visit the White House to shake hands with the president.
D. Stromley; Brazil, Ind.

I disagree with Thomas' decision to skip the Boston Bruins' visit to the White House. Thomas not only snubbed the president but also his teammates. This event is a harmless, decades-old tradition. It wasn't the right venue to display his displeasure with the president.
John Cofer; Hinckley, Ill.

I agree completely with Thomas. And why has it become necessary for every president to invite all these professional and college sports teams to shake hands with him? If the president wants to honor someone, there are plenty of people who deserve recognition for regularly making a real difference in the lives of others.
Russell Guetschow; Vicksburg, Mich.

"Be specific"

(Feb. 11) As a high school English teacher, I have tried teaching writing without the five-paragraph formula and it is a disaster. Many students have no idea how to put together sentences to make a paragraph, much less put together paragraphs to make a coherent paper. I do require rewrites and the grading is onerous, yet students don't read the corrections or change their writing. Unless students want to learn to write, all of my corrections and instructions are in vain.
Jennifer Wright; Hardin, Mo.

I am a homeschooling mom and regularly require third and fourth drafts. Thank you for affirming that great writing requires so much work.
Debbie Slingo; New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

"The cross in the stone"

(Feb. 11) Amen to Andrée Seu's comments about the nudgings in our hearts, "coincidental" timings of songs, and images in rocks. How wonderful it is that such a God, in whose hands are the affairs of nations, bends to interact lovingly with individual sinners using that "still, small voice."
Linda Maphet; Canton, Ga.

Seu writes that "even Christians who say signs and wonders have ceased deny their own position whenever they ask for the healing of Uncle Bob's cancer." However, many cessationists, such as myself, believe the gifts of miracles and wonders ceased with the apostles, but they also believe that God is still performing miracles and wonders on the earth.
Jon Hueni; Bremen, Ind.

"A weight of hopelessness"

(Feb. 11) Thank you so much for the column on the growing unrest in Uganda. I was there in January and last summer. My Ugandan friends have come to accept corrupt government leaders as normal, a fact of life that cannot be changed. I don't want to be simplistic, but the best hope for Africa is the gospel.
Steve Walters; West Point, Neb.


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