A rush of life

"A rush of life" Continued...

Issue: "The battle," March 24, 2012

At one point Small and a fellow teacher helped to train and recruit first responders after he learned of a critical shortage of firemen and ambulance crews in the city. When he discovered the city had no real library, he encouraged students to launch a drive to create one. The students now say they will name the library after him.

Small returned to the United States twice a year, during summer break and at Christmas. "Every time he went through the airport scanner, we knew we were having to let go, not knowing if we would ever see him again," Dan Small told The Daily World of Aberdeen, Wash. "He was doing what he loved doing, and his students are testifying to that."

His last trip through the scanners, in January, turned into a nightmare of canceled flights and lost luggage that delayed his return to Iraq by almost a week. It gave him extra time with his family in Washington. Recounting the story, he concluded in an email to friends: "Even the things that don't feel good are good, because He has purposed them and will work-all-things for good."

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