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Issue: "2012 Cities Issue," March 10, 2012

Times of the sign

The speed limit sign may read 25 mph, but drivers on Boogie Lake Road in White Lake Township, Mich., may have to slow down even further just to decipher the details. Motorists are complaining that one school zone sign there in the Detroit suburb includes six separate times that motorists must slow to 25 mph-three in the morning and three in the afternoon. The time zones reflect the different arrival and dismissal times of nearby elementary, middle, and high schools. Regardless, local motorist Greg Smith says the sign does more harm than good, saying drivers "practically have to come to a stop to read it."

'No tags' baggage

Washington, D.C., resident Danny White thought he had a great idea when he applied for vanity license plates reading, "NO TAGS." Instead, White has received ticket after ticket for offenses he didn't commit. That's because every time police officers in Washington pull over a vehicle without proper license plates, they enter its license plate as "no tags" into the computer system. But instead of reminders to pay the ticket going to the offending party, the notices are directed to White's home address. Rather than fix the computer error, Washington, D.C., DMV director Lucinda Babers says she is considering revoking White's vanity plates.


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