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Issue: "2012 Cities Issue," March 10, 2012

Box Office Top 10

(Jan. 28) Thank you for introducing us to It is so helpful for us in deciding which movies are appropriate for our family. I am sometimes surprised by WORLD's positive reviews of some movies, such as We Bought a Zoo, as I find it difficult to bring my family to see a movie in which the Lord's name is used in vain. I now use Kids In Mind before showing a video at home as well.
Carol Novak; Middleville, Mich.

"For the birds"

(Jan. 28) Thank you to Andrée Seu for a sane look at pets in our lives and the trend to elevate the value of animals above that of humans. Some groups are pushing for states to stop euthanizing pets. What about unborn human babies, killed because it is not convenient for parents to have them, and even just-born babies who survive abortion but are reportedly left to die?
Ruthie Carlson; Lakewood Ranch, Fla.

"Picking up the bricks"

(Jan. 28) Janie B. Cheaney's column creatively captured how people struggle to find community and a meaningful place in it. And she profoundly prescribed the remedy: the redemptive love of God, which is the real power and glue of community. Thank you for skillfully inspiring us.
Steve Ardhuerumly; Auburn, Ind.

"Web of grace"

(Jan. 14) You mention that China's church "really needs education." Really? China has the largest church in the world, most of it underground, and it is growing. It has also overcome extreme persecution. Maybe they should educate us.
Phil Green; Denver, Colo.

"College bubble"

(Jan. 14) I attended only one year of college yet have a niche career and a very nice salary. I've found that a few years under your belt in the workforce after high school provides some direction in pursuing a college degree. With the rising cost of higher education these days I wish more parents, and young adults, would wise up in this area. They would save themselves so much heartache in the long run.
Vince Onken; Victorville, Calif.

"Risky regulations"

(Jan. 14) Regarding the EPA's new mercury rules, I find it ironic that the EPA is saying that eating fish will expose our children to mercury. Yet the government is almost forcing us to install in our homes the new fluorescent light bulbs, which contain mercury.
Jody Fayman; Lincoln, Neb.


(Dec. 31) I was pleased to see you highlighted Paul Baran. I was privileged to work with Paul at a small R&D company in Palo Alto in the 1970s. He was brilliant yet humble. Considering the incredible contribution he made to the development of the internet, I'm amazed that he's not more widely recognized.
Anne Smith; Redding, Calif.


David Eisenhower resigned from the Eisenhower National Memorial committee in January, joining with other Eisenhower family members in disapproval of architect Frank Gehry's concept ("Mystic chords," Feb. 11, p. 20).

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