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Issue: "Medical care circus," Feb. 25, 2012

"Living consciously"

(Jan. 14) In a time of material prosperity it is difficult to remember that our Christian faith is our real asset. We can easily be overcome by unforeseen events. In True Grit, when about to go after the villain, Mattie Ross says to Rooster, "I am in the hands of the Maker of all things and I have a fine horse." I think that sums up a shelf full of theological writings.
Nolan Nelson; Eugene, Ore.

The awareness of God, whose Spirit lives in us, is a key to relinquishing control. I can easily give up control of the big issues because I can't control them anyway; it's the countless smaller moments in my day where I fail.
Nancy Richter; Bucklin, Kan.

"Race for the White House"

(Jan. 14) Thank you for taking the time to break down the issues in the presidential race by candidates. My husband and I stumbled upon Ron Paul earlier this year and have found our guy.
Bethany Van Raalte; Sioux Center, Iowa

"Payroll games"

(Jan. 14) In contemplating the results of the gamesmanship over the payroll tax holiday extension, we can only be disgusted with the House and the Senate, both Republicans and Democrats. Why did the Republican leadership allow the Keystone pipeline to be tied to the ­payroll tax legislation? And how are we going to pay for this payroll tax rate reduction, given that the payroll tax funds Social Security? If politicians on both sides of the aisle wanted to come clean with the American people they would explain that Social Security is not an investment program but an entitlement program.
Karl Stieglitz; Dubuque, Iowa

"Border reformer"

(Jan. 14) Thank you for this wonderful interview with Trent Franks. With all the garbage being exposed about our politicians, this man should get more press. The most important thing he has done is to outsmart the ACLU. I just wish Rep. Franks were running for president.
Gloria Beidler; Sutherlin, Ore.

"Eating our broccoli"

(Jan. 14) Many politicians and economists have forgotten that Keynes also advised that governments, after "stimulating" the economy with spending, pay down their debt when the economy returns to health. That would seem to be selective reading by our political classes. But I'm glad that David Skeel posed the question as, "How much should the government intervene in the markets?" and not just "should it?" I believe that the stimulus prevented the economy from going deeper into the tank than it did.
Heinrich Erbes; Hedgesville, W.Va.


(Dec. 31) Tim Tebow is one of the leading sports stories of the decade in terms of on-field performance and media attention. Thank you for your news coverage of this remarkable young man.
Daryl & Donna Nedelisky; Ocala, Fla.


The war in Afghanistan is "the longest war in American history" only if we ignore the conflict between the United States and the Sioux, which lasted from 1854 to 1890, and if we date the start of the Vietnam war with the Tonkin Bay incident in 1964 and conclude it with the Paris peace accords in 1973. Both the Pentagon and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., list combat deaths well before and after those dates ("News of the year," Dec. 31, p. 60).

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