Truth detector

"Truth detector" Continued...

An exuberant young woman who talks a mile a minute, Rose loves good books and a steady diet of cold cereal. Although people have threatened her life and told her she is immoral, she does not regret anything she has done while working with Live Action: "There's so much bloodshed. Undercover work is necessary to demonstrate what's really happening to women, and our unborn brothers and sisters."

Live Action has taken some bites out of Planned Parenthood: the defunding of Planned Parenthood in several states, a congressional investigation, clinic probation in Alabama, and legislative proposals to close sexual abuse reporting loopholes, not to mention the firing and resignation of some Planned Parenthood staffers caught on tape. Some Christians still wonder whether those ends justify Live Action's means, but Rose is now working for Live Action full-time and planning to "expose new abuses" by Planned Parenthood.

-Grace Howard is a student at Patrick Henry College

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