Race for the White House

"Race for the White House" Continued...

Issue: "2012: The Year Ahead," Jan. 14, 2012

Paul: Paul would like to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and the federal income tax. That ideal aside, his budget proposal released in October would extend the Bush tax cuts, reduce the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, and eliminate both the capital gains and the estate taxes. On monetary policy, Paul would eliminate the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard.

Foreign Policy

Obama: Obama took heat last May for suggesting that Israeli-Palestinian peace talks should start with the 1967 borders that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called indefensible. Obama ordered in 2009 a troop surge in Afghanistan, and he approved in 2011 the mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

Gingrich/Romney: Both see a nuclear Iran as the greatest threat to the United States, and both would increase coordination with Israel in opposing the Iranian regime. Romney refuses to rule out waterboarding as a form of interrogation while Gingrich opposes the tactic.

Paul: The congressman supports international commerce and trade but advocates cutting all foreign aid and ending the war in Afghanistan. Paul said the United States should have captured and interrogated Osama bin Laden instead of killing him, which he said unnecessarily inflamed relations with Pakistan.


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