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Issue: "Tour d'America road rage," Feb. 11, 2012

I just read WORLD's tribute to Alan Chambers. I heartily concur. He is more than deserving of that honor and one of the most amazing people I know.
Debbie Thurman; Monroe, Va.

"Food fight"

(Dec. 17) Mindy Belz's observation that "viewed from the Korean Peninsula, the causes of famine and gross impoverishment couldn't be clearer" reminds me of another comparison that couldn't be clearer. As the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom shows, economic and political freedoms provide the best guarantees against famine and poverty. Instead of recognizing the existence of natural rights as a precondition for any form of government, people such as the rulers of North Korea relish their power, dominating the economic, social, and political lives of all within their borders.
Nolan Nelson; Eugene, Ore.

"Conscience question"

(Dec. 17) You report that President "Obama is considering expanding the religious exemption" and "giving more latitude for religious organizations" and that he "may decide at any moment." I would like to know when Obama stopped being president and became king. It is outrageous that people must seek one man's approval on such issues. We were founded as a nation of laws, and not men.
Thomas Milligan; Marion, Ohio

"Heard again"

(Dec. 17) Thanks for the piece on Mark Heard's music. It's a crime that Heard didn't find a bigger audience for his music. He plumbed the depths of his frustrations with the church and himself like no one else. The generation being born at his death would be wise to listen.
Tom Funk; Lincoln, Ill.

"Fighting the good fight"

(Dec. 3) Thank you for this column. What a good challenge and, as it often seems with God, it comes at just the right time for me.
Jennifer Green; Longview, Texas

"Eyes to see, ears to hear"

(Nov. 19) Now that I have figured out how to subscribe using Android's Listen program, I have made it a daily habit to catch WORLD's two-minute audio news update, and every weekend I listen to the full edition of "The World and Everything in It." I enjoyed the special Christmas Eve edition with stories about the carols.
Tim Anger; Emmaus, Pa.

"Private space"

(Nov. 19) As an avid follower of all things space-related, I am delighted that WORLD is reporting on some of the recent commercial space efforts. However, your article presented an unfairly bleak assessment. After SpaceX's initial failures the company has had a string of four successful flights of ever-increasing complexity. As for cost, the commercial approach is decidedly cheaper. Congress, one must conclude, is mainly concerned with retaining aerospace jobs, which explains why senators and representatives from Florida, Texas, and Alabama (home of the three major NASA centers) are the biggest supporters of the status quo at NASA.
Bill Hensley; Sugar Land, Texas


The Japan earthquake moved the island of Honshu about eight feet ("News of the year," Dec. 31, p. 31).

The quote from an atheist, "You don't need religion to express love, you complete idiot," originally appeared on the website ("Ill will toward men," Jan. 14, p. 18).

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