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"Food fight"

(Dec. 17) This column is a great reminder to consider Korea when speaking to others about the issue of how society best prospers. The big picture in a nutshell!
Lydia Reid; Lincolnton, N.C.

An excellent column. I would hope that all of our congressional leaders and the members of the current administration will read it, along with all of the current presidential candidates. Why can't we see and understand that the more centralized a government, the less prosperity and freedom result?
Dan Marshall; Monroe, N.C.

"No room at Days Inn"

(Dec. 17) I found myself depressed after reading the Dec. 17 issue: the harassment of Alan Chambers, Islamist surge in the Middle East, encouraging Food Stamps instead of independence, SSI problems, Congress' inability to deal with the debt, and so on. And then came Andrée Seu's column. It turned my thinking around. I believe we are on the road to self-destruction, but our faith is not dependent on our government or our culture but on God and His promises.
Barbara Johnson; Chicago, Ill.

"Citizenship test"

(Dec. 17) Sadly, nothing in this article about one family's citizenship struggle surprised me. After everything my wife and I went through to get her into this country legally, I was left with the feeling that our government's current system actually punishes those who do things right and rewards those who do them wrong. We live in a backwards world.
Joshua Burba; Nashville, Tenn.

"Disabling security"

(Dec. 17) I would have to disagree a bit with Marvin Olasky's statement that Rebecca Riley was a "victim of government compassion." An SSI check didn't murder Rebecca; her parents murdered her because of their greed. Our human sinful natures can be egged on by a compassion program that entices us, but ultimately we make the choice to indulge our desires.
Beverly Parrish; Houston, Texas

"Deviancy defenders"

(Dec. 17) In the 1970s, when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, my physician father predicted that someday pedophilia would be decriminalized and promoted as a legitimate alternative lifestyle. At the time I thought, "Nobody would allow that!" Yet here we are. The seeds are being sown and the propaganda machine is oiled and ready.
Jennifer Henkel; Canandaigua, N.Y.

"Hard decision"

(Dec. 17) I had to laugh about the Toronto school principal who outlawed children playing with hard balls at recess. I've visited Toronto and the parks were filled with skating rinks where young lads (and a few lasses) play a game in which they use long sticks to whip hard chunks of rubber at frightening speeds while slashing about on sharp metal blades. And this principal frets about a few soccer balls? Is she aware that Toronto is located in Canada?
Denny Brownlee; Mt. Juliet, Tenn.

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