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Issue: "2012: The Year Ahead," Jan. 14, 2012

A while back, WORLD made a tough decision to move from weekly to biweekly. I realized recently that the issues are so good, I don't miss getting them weekly. Congratulations on having vision, fortitude, and most of all, His blessings.
Tom Hanrahan; Lexington Park, Md.

I just wanted to say that I made my homepage and it has been a refreshing change from the other news source that I was using.
Curt Presley; Oxford, Miss.

"Comedy revival"

(Nov. 5) The moral lessons that infused the comic banter of Home Improvement strengthened our family, so we were looking forward to Tim Allen's new show, Last Man Standing. However, I was disappointed that his new neighbors are a lesbian couple that Allen's character must learn to accept as normal. It appears that the new morality has found a new teacher.
Jamie Inman; Tishomingo, Okla.

"Their future is now"

(Nov. 5) Thank you for reporting the positive things happening in Afghanistan. Mindy Belz did an outstanding job covering development work in the country. It was refreshing to hear that the Afghans are very grateful to receive assistance and guidance from the United States in rebuilding their country.
Jone Reid; Winston-Salem, N.C.

"Bluegrass bridge"

(Sept. 24) I appreciated your review of Ricky Skaggs. He is one of the premier bluegrass artists, and the gospel figures strongly in his music. He follows the traditions of Bill Monroe, who many say created the genre in the 1940s. Skaggs was on stage with Monroe at age 7 and toured with another bluegrass giant, Ralph Stanley, when he was 15 or 16. All of these musicians (and their bands) are superb musicians, playing at sometimes blinding speed, always accurately. Good stuff, that.
Bill Bader; Eden Prairie, Minn.

"Genre clashes"

(May 7) After reading your recommendation, I purchased one of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon novels and since then just had to buy them all. Not only are they well-written spy thrillers but they teach a lot of history and current events. Thank you for your informative book reviews in which I frequently find new authors and many good books.
Heidi Sheldon; Noorvik, Alaska


ECCU increased reserves in 2009 to account for loan losses by about $7.2 million to a total of $11.5 million. In 2010, ECCU increased reserves an additional $7.2 million to bring the total to $18.69 million ("Forgive us our debt," Dec. 17, p. 61).

The California state college that currently prohibits campus clubs from restricting membership or leadership based on belief or behavior is San Diego State University ("Campus conformity," Dec. 3, p. 55).

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