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Issue: "2012: The Year Ahead," Jan. 14, 2012

"Border bandits"

(Dec. 3) WORLD correctly identified one of the challenges associated with our failed immigration policies. I would add that conservative evangelicals have made an effective proposal for improvement with The Evangelical Call for Bipartisan Immigration Reform. It addresses the issue of securing our borders but also creates policy that treats immigrants with dignity, tries to keep families intact, and addresses the 12 million undocumented workers already here, some of whom are our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Carl A. Ruby; Cedarville, Ohio

I don't understand why you chose to address immigration in this manner. Of all the injustices associated with immigration and undocumented immigration in our country, why focus on drug-smuggling and ranchers feeling "invaded"? What about an immigration policy that prevents those living in extreme poverty in other countries from legally entering the country to waiting jobs here?
Melissa Manske; Bridgeton, N.J.

"Forgive us our debt"

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(Dec. 17) This article addresses an important topic, church foreclosures, but raises questions about Evangelical Christian Credit Union's response to foreclosures and our financial condition. You quote a banking analyst suggesting that if we experience another year of losses we "won't survive 2011 as a well-capitalized institution" but ECCU is financially sound. As 2011 ends, we remain well-capitalized with appropriate reserves according to the federal regulators and independent auditors. As to foreclosures, we work hard with ministries to avoid them and have done more loan modifications than foreclosures. ECCU is a financial cooperative comprised of thousands of members-ministries and individuals-whose interests are ill-served by an article that wrongly questions their credit union's financial condition. We remain financially healthy in large part because of our shared dedication to helping members better manage their financial resources.
Jac La Tour, Communications Manager, Evangelical Christian Credit Union; Brea, Calif.

"Get serious"

(Dec. 3) To call Ron Paul an isolationist is simplistic at best. He espouses the foreign policy advocated by our Founding Fathers and rightly points out that the war in Iraq is undeclared and therefore unconstitutional. So-called conservatives need to decide whether to operate by the rule of law or an ends-justifies-the-means philosophy.
Patsy George; Franklin, Tenn.

I think Mindy Belz wrongly concluded that Herman Cain's answer to whether Pakistan is a friend or foe was a gaffe. His answer was, "We don't know." Would we have violated Pakistan's sovereignty in the killing of Osama bin Laden if we considered it a trustworthy friend?
Tom Burley; Alto, Mich.

"Fighting the good fight"

(Dec. 3) As a person in full-time ministry in Alaska, often the most difficult enemy to fight is myself. How will I respond when only two students show up for a much-anticipated event, or when my water pipes freeze and I can no longer host Thanksgiving? Thank you to Andrée Seu for the reminder to keep fighting, even in the seemingly small things.
Amanda Hunt; Mountain Village, Alaska

"Not a jobs bill"

(Dec. 3) We have seen the Obama administration put guns in the hands of Mexican drug dealers, give good money to energy companies that were not viable, and now refuse Canadian oil with the excuse of environmental considerations when the result will be an even greater risk to the environment elsewhere.
R.C. Muller; Oak Ridge, Tenn.

"Window of opportunity"

(Dec. 3) Marvin Olasky, after reminding us that Libya had six centuries of Christianity, insightfully observes that "Christianity had its moment in Libya." If six centuries constitutes a "moment," how should less than four centuries of Christianity in America be described? Has America's mini-moment expired? How long until it has another?
Douglas Lloyd Perkins; Wilmington, Del.


(Dec. 3) I'm really frustrated with WORLD's movie reviews. Having been part of a team making movies, I can appreciate your reviewers' comments. It's nice to read someone with a real grasp of the technical aspects of a movie. But when you recommend a movie like Melancholia with "some graphic nudity, sexual content, and language," yet criticize Courageous, I'm wondering, what is going on?
Larry Tate; Windsor, Va.

"Hostile takeovers"

(Nov. 19) The Occupy Wall Street protesters say they are exercising civil rights but some have violently attacked the police and vandalized the areas they occupy. Thank you for an article that shows the dark side of these "peaceful" protests.
Braydon Googeg; New Knoxville, Ohio

"Eyes to see, ears to hear"

(Nov. 19) Thank you so much for "The World and Everything in It" podcasts. I have so loved downloading and listening to those. Good job seeing an area of growth and doing it well.
Rebecca Larson; Wichita, Kan.


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