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Laying low

"Laying low" Continued...

"This election is about the soul of America," said Romney, in remarks likely designed beforehand by his team to be his signature talking point of the night. "The question is what is America going to be. And we have in Washington today a president who has put America on a road to decline."

But Romney's attack on President Obama, the only candidate he really took on all night, set up Gingrich for the debate's best line.

The former speaker, always an accomplished debater, said he thought Romney was being harsh on Obama. "I'm sure in his desperate efforts to create a radical European socialist model [he] is sincere," Gingrich said, getting the biggest laugh of the night.

Edward Lee Pitts
Edward Lee Pitts

Lee is WORLD's Washington Bureau chief. As a reporter for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, he was embedded with a National Guard unit in Iraq. He also once worked in the press office of Sen. Lamar Alexander.


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